FloriCulture Club

Published July 8, 2021, 11:05 AM

by Philip Cu Unjieng

It may sound harsh, perhaps even politically incorrect to say it, but the inevitable truth is that the pandemic saw the ‘blossoming’ of numerous e-commerce platforms. And I don’t begrudge them their success. For what is it if not foresight and preparedness in the midst of a dire situation? Plus we don’t often take into account the years they may have spent on the sidelines, operating below their bottom line; but not losing the faith, and tinkering with the platform to make it easier to interface with, and eventually be a beacon of convenience. Besides, for every successful e-commerce story, there are many more who floundered, and couldn’t grab hold of the opportunity, when it beckoned.

FlowerStore.ph Founder & CEO Saul Molla

FlowerStore.ph was launched in 2018; and as its founder and CEO, Saul Molla, explains it, ‘Our company philosophy is centered around the belief that ordering flowers should be both affordable and effortless.’ An aerospace engineer who was previously the Chief Financial Officer of Lazada Philippines, Molla was there in 2016, as the tech giant rapidly expanded, and was acquired by Alibaba. With his e-commerce experience and engineering know-how, the start-up history of FlowerStore.ph saw Molla working with a 3-person team from a small Makati office.

Fast forward three eventful years, and the company now has over 100 team members, with warehouses in Mandaluyong, Cebu, and Davao. And in 2019, it launched its Vietnam operations, replicating its Philippine success to the point where it is now Southeast Asia’s number one shopping destination for flowers and gifts.

The Teddy Bear and diffuser

For Molla, the secret has always been being budget-friendly, while looking gorgeous and current, so the arrangements are Instagrammable and a favorite of Millennials. It’s also about diversity and selection, as there are over 200 different bouquets, with various flower types – from roses to sunflowers, carnations, tulips, and so many more varieties.

Sunset Love with sunflowers and roses

There’s a Fresh Flower Guarantee, and FlowerStore.ph works with local farmers from different regions such as Benguet, Pampanga, and Bukidnon. Part and parcel of its corporate philosophy has been supporting local communities of growers during the pandemic, to cement the strong bonds with their suppliers.

he Sweet Love Box, with roses and chocolates.

It’s about being dynamic! Since 2020, they not only offer flowers, but have expanded the offerings to include cakes, curated food boxes, personalized items, plushies, plants, and so on. Whatever the occasion, the driving principle is that FlowerStore.ph can provide the perfect, high quality, yet affordable gift.

And FlowerStore aims to provide premium service with every order. Free delivery within the same day is offered—a boon for those last-minute buyers or you can schedule for delivery on future dates—this for those who like to plan way in advance. There’s even an express delivery service that was recently introduced.

In its relatively short three years of business, FlowerStore have served hundreds of thousands of customers, and can be proud to say they enjoy a high over 90% approval rating. With all this under their belt, FlowerStore will be having a megaSale from July 15 to the 17th. Bargain prices and special offers will be made available, so we all should take advantage of this floral largesse.

This third birthday sale period is Saul Molla offering a big “Thank You” to the Filipino public that so readily welcomed FlowerStore.ph. So if you haven’t yet joined this fast-growing FloriCulture Club, what are you waiting for?