Coppermask can potentially kill coronaviruses by up to 99% in just 2 hours, international tests confirmed

Recent tests have confirmed that Coppermask can deactivate and may have the potential to kill coronaviruses by up to 99 percent in just two hours.

Seriously taking the challenge of ensuring the health and safety of Filipinos during the pandemic, COPPERMASK, a brand known for its stylish and unique facial mask infused with copper strands has now been clinically-proven to have the potential to deactivate and kill the world’s biggest enemy to date - the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The all-new CopperMask Copper Strand-Infused Facial Masks, which was earlier tested to have the capacity to block and kill common bacteria and viruses, has been confirmed to have the ability to deactivate and potentially kill coronaviruses by up to 99 percent in just two hours.*

In a test conducted by the Shanghai WEIPU Chemical Technology Service Co., Ltd. – an ILAC-MRA/CNAS certified research-based testing laboratory facility in Shanghai, China (certified in accordance to ISO/IEC standards), CopperMask Antimicrobial Film was subjected to an anti-viral assay test to determine if it has the potential ability or capacity to kill coronaviruses. The type of virus that was used in the anti-viral test was GX-P2V (Guanxu Pangolin Coronavirus), a type of coronavirus that falls into the same lineage of the SARS-Cov2 obtained from Pangolins. Pangolins are ant-eating mammals that are often used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is believed that SARS-Cov2 might be of “probable pangolin origin”. The Corona Virus GX-P2V has more than 90 percent similarity in terms of genome sequence, and 92.2 percent structure resemblance to the SARS-Cov2, or more commonly known as COVID-19.

So, is the virus tested in this research the actual COVID-19? If not, why? 

SARS-Cov2 or COVID-19, the root cause of the global pandemic we all have been enduring since last year when it was declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a pandemic, is a highly contagious infectious disease. And for this reason and for safety purposes, many testing facilities that develop therapeutics, disinfectants, and yes, even vaccines targeting SARS-Cov2 have widely accepted the use of GX-P2V as an ideal substitute to using the actual COVID-19 virus due to its higher degree of affinity (amino acid sequence, ace receptor similarity, etc.).


Reference Report No.: WP-21055252-JC-01En

The test have proven that CopperMask Antimicrobial Film has the capacity to weaken viral activity rate of coronaviruses by up to 99.07 percent after incubation period of two hours, and 99.15 percent after twenty-four hours, thus, deactivating and killing the coronaviruses.

Actual sample of CopperMask Antimicrobial Film that was tested in the study

CopperMask also underwent extensive clinical tests from reputable research testing facilities in China and Korea to test its efficacy and safety on common bacteria and viruses, and to detect the presence of harmful chemicals and heavy metals.

The following were the certified test results: 

  • CopperMaskBLOCKS 99.99% of common bacteria and viruses**
  • CopperMask KILLS 99.99% of bacteria***
CopperMask underwent extensive clinical tests from reputable research testing facilities

So the final question is – given all these tests, is CopperMask a medical-grade facial mask?

According to World Health Organization or WHO, medical grade facial masks should have the following characteristics:

  • Has 3 layers of synthetic woven materials
  • Configured to have filtration layers sandwiched in the middle
  • Available in different thickness
  • Has various levels of fluid-resistance and filtration.


Without a doubt, the COVID-19 outbreak has tremendously changed the way people live. After the lockdown, people searched for ways to survive and protect themselves from the virus, while adapting to the new normal. And wearing facial maska is one of them.

Wearing a face masks has been proven to reduce transmission of common bacteria and viruses

CopperMask is a lifestyle facial mask. Given the situation where people ought to live wearing it and make it an indispensable part of their everyday life, CopperMask sealed the deal by making your protective gear a bit more stylish and aesthetically more pleasing while ensuring that you are safe doing your regular errands and outdoor activities. And these do not include medical facilities and hospitals where appropriate medical facial masks are required. Branded News by CopperMask

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