‘Sana all’: Netizens envy Makati City’s P1,000 GC for fully-vaccinated seniors

Published July 2, 2021, 1:26 PM

by Jel Santos

Some netizens have tagged the Facebook pages of their respective local governments and mayors on their social media posts about the P1,000 gift certificate (GC) of Makati City, urging them to follow the example of the city.

“Sana all, whole nation will receive. Hehehe. Ang bait naman ni mayor (The mayor is so kind)” said Facebook user Diosdado Jaicten on the P1,000 GC being given by Makati City to fully-vaccinated senior citizens.

Most of the netizens found the move of the city government to be a very good way to entice their senior citizens than scaring them.

“Ganyan dapat para mahikayat, hindi ‘yung inuubos sa ayuda (That’s the way to go, not spending it all on financial assistance),” Joy Rondilla commented.

“Paging our mayor, baka naman po, my parents are senior citizens,” said Gina Hart who tagged their mayor.

Makati City has started distributing gift certificates on Thursday (July 1).

On Tuesday (June 30), Mayor Abigail “Abby” Binay announced in a Twitter post that the city government would distribute P1,000 gift certificates to fully vaccinated senior citizens in the city.

This aims to entice senior citizens in the city to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Makati City has a total of 10 vaccination sites in order to quickly roll out COVID-19 vaccines.

Binay said they are targeting to inoculate a total of 50,000 senior citizens in the city.