IN PHOTOS: Bretman Rock's fabulous moments this Pride Month

We stan a true badass Filipino queen!

Bretman Rock

Nothing can stop a queen on a mission. And that is true in the case of Bretman Rock. This Pride Month, the Fil-Am social media superstar is on a roll as he advocates for LGBTQIA+ rights and visibility. After dedicating his MTV Award to his brothers and sisters in the community last May 2021, the social media superstar went above and beyond this June to represent and support his fellow queer folks.

In this article, we've listed down some of Bretman's fiercest and most fabulous moments this Pride Month, proving that even in the URL world, positive changes can blossom for the LGBTQIA+ community and beyond.

Still from Bretman's IG

Advocating for drag queens

Apart from posing with his precious pooches dressed in tie-dye, Bretman also welcomed this year's Pride Month in the most, well, Bretman way by riding skateboard while waving the rainbow flag.

"You'll accept us—actually IDGAF (I don't give a f*ck) if you do but you will respect us, and most importantly, you will tip the drag queens," he wrote in his caption.

Bretman's partnership with Playboy

Style collaboration with Playboy

To offer health resources and uplift the LGBTQIA+ community this time of pandemic, the social media personality partnered with fashion brand Playboy for a limited-edition "Pride in Numbers" shirt line.

"When the team reached out about designing a piece, I knew we needed to do something special. I love that we are helping make LGBTQ+ health resources accessible by working with APLA health, which makes me even more excited to release this," Bretman says. "B*tch, being able to collaborate on a theme and idea for a shoot was such a cute process."

The best part of the collaboration is that all proceeds of the "Pride in Numbers" goes to APLA Health initiatives for those living with HIV and other health care needs for underserved communities.

Bretman for Nike's Be True campaign

Ambassador for Nike's Be True campaign

While Bretman has been a true advocate for LGBTQIA+ initiatives, people also laud him for his fierce fitness routine. Combining both aspects of his life makes him an obvious choice as one of Nike’s 2021 Be True campaign ambassadors.

“Strength has no gender,” Bretman posted on Instagram. “It’s measured from within. I’m excited to announce that I’m one of Nike’s faces for it #BeTrue campaign this year. Truly such an honor to be seen and heard from Nike. It’s so surreal.”

For years, the global athletic wear brand has been celebrating Pride month by releasing capsule collections inspired by the community’s flags. According to the brand, this year’s collection is centered on the idea that “sports can be the setting for racial inclusivity.”

Bretman's DIY shoots

Championing gender nonconforming fashion

Bretman's Instagram page is a digital mood board for all things gender nonconforming, especially when it comes to style. Ever since his social media debut, the beauty blogger has challenged dressing norms with his flamboyant pairings and his to-die-for beauty looks.

Nylon Manila's June digital cover

This month, Bretman has served some editorial looks he styled, shot, and conceptualized. His adventurous style is even echoed in the latest digital covers of Nylon Manila, which he dedicates to "all the baklas."

"What I'm proud of? My d*mn self," he posted. "I am the definition of self-made. My family and I did this all on our own. I'm proud of my work ethics and the humility and compassion that I have for others that my Filipino culture taught me... I'm proud of the confidence and Aloha that Hawaii nurtured me with."