Ogie Diaz lashes at Larry Gadon for ‘cheap’ remark on PNoy’s passing

Published June 26, 2021, 3:13 PM

by Neil Ramos

Ogie Diaz is not happy with lawyer Larry Gadon issuing a malicious comment against former president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III following his passing on July 24.

“Ang cheap,” he said in a vlog.

He didn’t stop there.

Taking to Facebook, the actor-talent manager wrote in Filipino, “Good thing not all lawyers are like Gadon. I think he should get himself checked so he could be given the appropriate cure.”

Buti na lang di lahat ng abogado, tulad ni Gadon. I think dapat magpatingin ito sa doktor para malapatan agad ng lunas.

Posted by Ogie Diaz on Friday, June 25, 2021

But what did Gadon actually say?

Ogie posted a video of Gadon speaking on his radio show “Karambola” on DWIZ, following Aquino’s demise.

He said of the beloved PNoy: “May HIV siya…kaya ayon…di gumaling.”

Netizens didn’t find the nasty if all too cruel insinuation cute.

Some of the comments:

“This guy is a lawyer?? How embarrassing!!”

“Ansama naman ng ugali talaga nito. Grabe. Asan po ang inyong respeto?”

“He is a living epitome of a wastebasket.”

“I hope the Aquinos do something about this. Kasuhan na yan!”

Meanwhile, The Red Whistle, a collaborative platform for people living with HIV and AIDS, condemned Gadon’s statement against Aquino.

Part of the statement read: “Statements laced with malice like the one made by Atty. Gadon fuel HIV-related stigma and discrimination and offer no help in addressing the HIV epidemic in the country, which has the fastest rising number of new infections in the world. We are working with the community of people living with HIV to file a disbarment complaint and criminal charges against Atty. Gadon.”