AllHome’s digital transformation makes online shopping and in-store e-commerce not only convenient – but also worthwhile

Published June 26, 2021, 2:59 PM

by Manila Bulletin

The pandemic has drastically altered the way we live, work (or study for the students), eat, and even shop. Whether we go back to our pre-pandemic habits remains to be seen, but this early, there are conveniences that we have been accustomed to and these are what we want for a better life.

Whereas before we have to go out, drive our cars to a store, endure the traffic and all the hassles – today, we just scan our smartphones or turn on our laptops to get all our needs ASAP. This is now the reality of shopping in a new normal and this is not going away soon like a fad.

One of the firsts to undergo digital transformation is AllHome. At the onset of the pandemic, AllHome realized that the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) would limit physical movement as curfews are imposed and transportation is limited. True to its spirit of innovation and its passion to satisfy customers, AllHome quickly adapted to the changes early on. In fact, it has introduced four easy ways for homeowners to shop for home and hardware needs while still being safe and enjoying the comforts of home.

AllHome Koronadal store facade

AllHome is quick to respond and pivot to e-commerce as a response to the pandemic.

As early as April 2020, four channels were introduced: first, an e-commerce website (; a personal shopper service through Viber (SHOP4YOU); availability in online marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee, AllDay, Paymaya Mall; and lastly, the launch of on-demand delivery services via Pickaroo, Grabmart, and Metromart.

AllHome’s official e-commerce website (

AllHome’s quick response to this pandemic made the lives of Filipinos easier. Knowing that AllHome is still of service to its loyal customers somehow gave a breath of fresh air from this calamity that all of the Filipinos are facing. Aside from establishing new ways to shop, AllHome is taking all precautionary measures to ensure everyone’s safety at all times.  
For a seamless omni-channel experience, AllHome has beefed up its in-store e-commerce presence in the store through three ways.

First, there is the Click and Collect Counters, which are express lane to pick up orders via online or SHOP4YOU (personal shopper service). This minimizes physical contact and assures your safety.

Click & Collect booth at the store.

For those who have cars, the Park and Shop Concept was very useful. The stand-alone stores allowed customers to quickly park and grab the things they need from AllHome without the need to go down. Having direct access to parking spaces, AllHome became a preferred shopping destination as consumers lessen the time spent inside malls. 
There is also the Self Check Out which is AllHome’s self-service kiosks for customers who prefer less contact as they shop. This facility lessens unnecessary interactions between customers and cashiers and other personnel. As this is a relatively new feature, AllHome still provides human intervention through trained staff who can assist customers as they navigate the self-checkout process.

Curbside pick-up point at AllHome.

Even after more than a year of the pandemic, AllHome continues to serve its customers conveniently and makes their shopping online or at the stores worth their time. AllHome is proud to say that because of their digital transformation, they were able to keep all their shops open and continue to provide employment to a lot of people – from staff, security, to the delivery drivers and riders. More than that, they were able to truly show that they are a ‘modern-day home depot or a mecca’ for all your home needs. Your home renovation or improvements should not stop because of the pandemic as this is actually the best time to do it when you are at home most of the time.

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