Jaya wants people to embrace body diversity

Published June 25, 2021, 11:01 PM

by Robert Requintina


OPM artist Jaya has encouraged people to stop beating themselves up about their looks.

Jay gave these inspiring words after she was presented to the press as the Face of Unfiltered Skin Essentials during a Zoom conference recently.

The singer admitted that she had her share of body bashing, but she just ignores them.

Jaya, 51, reminded the public that being perfect is just an illusion as she cheered up netizens by saying our body is unique and beautiful.

“No matter what you are, no matter what skin tone you have, everything is kinda acceptable now. But if you are still struggling, and you are being bullied (because of your skin tone), you just have to be yourself, be proud of who you are, you don’t have to be ashamed of anything,” she said.

Jaya added: “That’s what God has given you, that’s the beauty that will carry you through success. So huwag kayong mahihiya.”

Supporting Jaya in promoting body diversity is Rina Navarro, a mother of four, a woman empowerment advocate, and a philanthropist. She was also the producer of the 2014 movie “Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo” starring Robin Padilla. Rina was also a former AVP for Viva Communications.

These days, Rina is enjoying her new role as founder and CEO of her business, Unfiltered Skin Essentials.

Rina Navarro

“Unfiltered Skin Essentials, we are in the industry of skin care and wellness. We launched late last year, around December. I started it with my friends, puro girls kami, and it is by direct-selling. Our products were developed in a reputable laboratory, and that’s how we started – Unfiltered Skin Care.”

“We launched with our first product, it’s called the ‘No Filter’ kit.  It is a complete skin care set wherein everything, like all the concerns of women and men for their skin, is being addressed by this one. This is the kit that you need, wala ng iba. I test a lot of skincare products, and they’re very pricey. I realized that you can actually put all of those in a bottle,” said Rina.

Other products of Unfiltered include the Ucleanse Revitalizing Facial Soap, Urenew Pore Minimizing Toner, Uglow Luminiscence Serum, Urepair Whitenig Day Cream and the Urecover Night Cream.

Rina said that Unfiltered Skin Essentials are available online via Instagram (@unfilteredskin_main), and Facebook (Unfiltered Skin Essentials & Wellness Industry).