Studying in a University in Seoul? It’s so worth it

Published June 24, 2021, 8:00 AM

by Seven Bueno

Take a peak at what it’s like to be a foreign student in South Korea with this new K-drama

With all the tearjerker and heartfelt Korean Dramas that make your heart flutter and eyes bawl out rivers of tears, there’s no doubt that—whether you’re old enough to enter college or simply young-at-heart wanting to relive your university life—attending classes while walking the streets of Seoul had definitely crossed your mind.

Be a foreign student in ‘So Not Worth It’

Guess what? There’s Korean sitcom that’s just perfect for you because it will let you know what exactly is the life of a foreign student in a South Korean university.

“So Not Worth It” is a Netflix Original sitcom that centers on the lives of students living in an international dormitory at a university somewhere in Seoul. In the series, we follow the adventures of these eight characters.

Shin Hyeon-Seung and Park Se Wan

And speaking of characters, we do get a chance to see a familiar sidekick buddy play a big role this time around. Park Se Wan, who we’ve all loved in “School 2017” and “I am Not A Robot” plays the lead role. He will be getting into a ton of heart-fluttering romance alongside her co-actor Shin Hyeon-Seung. K-Pop idol Young-Jae Choi of GOT7 and Thai K-Pop performer Minnie from (G)-IDLE will also be part of the cast, alongside Korean-speaking foreign actors Joakim Sorensen, Carson Allen, and Terris Brown that everyone will surely fall in love with.

Throughout the sitcom’s first season, do expect over 10 cameos to look out for. [Hint: Some will be comedians, and we’re set to see a few singers and actors too!]

With all 12 episodes already out on Netflix, there’s a lot of charming and funny heartfelt scenes that will make you giggle, shed a couple of tears, and go on a fun rollercoaster ride of emotions because of the skills exuded by these young and talented actors.

“So Not Worth It” the series? It’s totally worth watching.