Mader Sitang makes splash with new face

Published June 23, 2021, 12:45 AM

by Robert Requintina

Mader Sitang today
Mader Sitang during her visit to Manila in 2018

Remember Mader Sitang, Asia’s top transgender supermodel of Thailand famous for her signature hair-flipping dance moves?

She’s back – this time with a new face that could launch a thousand ships!

Instagram photos

After she underwent surgeries, Mader Sitang uploaded a photo of her new face with smoother skin on Instagram June 22.

In October 2018, Filipino fans gave a rousing welcome to Mader Sitang as she made her headbanging moves at the airport and the hallways of SM North EDSA in Quezon City, during her first Philippine tour.

Fans hair-flip as they wait for Mader Sitang at H&H Makeover Salon at SM North EDSA in 2018

Mader Sitang was welcomed by former Mister World Philippines Wilbert Tolentino in Manila. She did a series of shows here organized by Tolentino. Mader Sitang, who was 59 then, said she idolizes Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts.

Dance, Mader Sitang, dance!

However, the comeback shows of Mader Sitang did not materialize anymore after the Internet sensation and the team of Tolentino failed to reach an agreement for her contract.

That time, Tolentino announced that he would be the manager of Mader Sitang for her tour in Europe. He even launched a perfume in her honor and planned a movie for her and ace comedian Vice Ganda.