LOOK: These creatives turn BTS Meal packaging into fashion pieces

Published June 23, 2021, 1:23 PM

by John Legaspi

Josiah Chua’s sneakers and Jaz Reyes’ hat and purse made of BTS Meal packaging

Almost a week after the release of the much-awaited McDo’s BTS Meal and ARMYs still continue to come up with the best creations to immortalize the fast food and K-Pop boy band’s collaboration.

Aside from the cute and artsy items the meal’s packaging were turned into, from a phone case to art cards, the purple-imbued containers are now being made into fashion items.

Singaporean artist and fashion designer Josiah Chua created a sneaker design adorned with pieces from the meal’s packaging. A true logomania moment, the custom kicks feature both the iconic brands’ insignia, with the meal’s cup used to create a high cut silhouette, the “borahae” (I purple you) statement attached at the back soles, and the containers of the fan-favorite sauces as shoe strings accents. What makes his design unique are the sneakers’ pockets which can carry some chicken nuggets, because you’ll never know when you’re going to get famished!

Photo by Jayden Tan

Filipino digital creator Jazmin Reyes took her BTS Meal packaging makeover to a high fashion level. Using two soda cups, Jaz is able to recreate French luxury label Dior’s signature piece, the Saddle bag. According to her, the tiny purse can easily fit two nuggets and the dips.

Photo from @_jazreyes

Another thing she did is an uber trendy bucket hat with the BTS Meal’s paper bag. She even shared how she did it on her Instagram page.

Photo from @_jazreyes

Now these take DIY and rework fashion to another chic level.