This Filipino artist transforms McDo's BTS Meal packaging into a robot

Published June 19, 2021, 4:59 PM

by John Legaspi

Pinoy Armies are loving artist Raymond Guevarra’s art work

Raymond Guevarra’s BTS Meal Robot (Photos from McDonald’s Facebook page and the artist)

A search on Twitter with the words McDo BTS Meal and you’ll find a number of tweets celebrating the coming of the much-awaited fast food meal set, nevermind the Korean boy band’s trolls. Among the fun things to see is how creative Filipino Armies became when it comes to turning the meal’s packaging into personalized memorabilia. Topping the list is this robot piece crafted by Valenzuela-based artist Raymond Guevarra.

Specializing in sculpture and mechanical mixed media artworks, it is natural for Raymond, also known as Rymnd Gev, to create something playful and architectural with the packaging of McDo’s BTS Meal. According to Modeka Art Space, his works are influenced by his “love of ’90s pop culture, video games, movies, and retro toys.”

BTS Meal Robot

In the past, Raymond had won a number of awards for his works. These honors include a first place spot in the National Student Art Competition in 2017. In 2018, he became a National Finalist in Metrobank Art and Design Excellence and also earned the top spot in Manila Bulletin’s Sketchfest for the Exhibition category. He has also been shortlisted for The Philippine Art Awards.

Among the other items Filipino Armies produce with their packaging are phone casing, art cards, and laminated earrings.

Photos from Silver Mimi

We stan creative and eco-loving Pinoy Armies!