Wear Filipino Pride with these Philippine mythology-inspired local pieces

Published June 18, 2021, 11:22 AM

by John Legaspi

Philippine folklore meets local style

Aman Sinaya design from the “Simula” Collection

Has binge-watching “Trese” on Netflix awaken the Philippine myth geek in you? Don’t worry! You are not alone. Our local legends and folklore are some of the products that came from the imaginative minds of our ancestors. They are filled with great adventures, colors, and lessons that they are still being shared to this day, and continue to inspire new breeds of artists, writers, film creatives, and even fashion designers.

To celebrate June as the Philippines’ month for pride and freedom, homegrown fashion brand Good Luck, Humans released a limited-edition collection that centers on local mythology. Dubbed as “Simula,” the collection highlights some of the country’s tales with pieces that’s all about Filipino craftsmanship.

“Myths about the beginning of the world, told and retold by our elders, form a bridge spanning across the centuries,” the brand says. “It is a bridge that goes all the way back to before Spanish colonization. Maybe it even reaches into the prehistory of the Philippines.”

“Simula” collection puts the spotlight on four Philippine mythological creatures. They are the supreme god of creation Bathala, the sea goddess Aman Sinaya, the guardian bird Amihan, and the moon devourer Bakunawa. The four are presented in series luxe pieces, oversized tops, shirt dresses, and terno dresses, made of cotton, denim, and Japanese linen. Vibrant and artsy, the creatures are creatively depicted through quirky hand-embroidery.

Check out some of the pieces here:

Bakunawa shirt

Bathala terno dress

Amihan shirt

See more of “Simula” collection @goodluckhumans on Instagram.