Meet the Samsung Neo QLED TV: This is TV how you want it

Published June 18, 2021, 9:59 AM

by Jonathan Castillo

Samsung recently unveiled the Neo QLED 8K in the Philippines. And when an 85-inch loaner of Samsung’s flagship product was unboxed at the Manila Bulletin office, the motley crew beamed in excitement in testing it out. 

Our main takeaway in less than a week of testing the TV: this is the perfect TV you can have at home.

A new level of greatness

The Neo QLED 8K brings the latest innovations in tech and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to take the TV experience to the next level. To this day, Samsung reveals the most advanced display that will leave the world in awe with the Quantum Mini LED, which is 1/40 the size of conventional LEDs. This new light source, matched with the Quantum Matrix Technology Pro, enables the Neo QLED TV to display fireworks in the night sky clearer on screen than when viewed with your naked eye.

Redefining immersive through cinematic quality

Samsung’s bread-and-butter has always been about the immersive viewing experience from its TVs. This is sustained — and even upgraded, with the cinematic quality of immersive in the Neo QLED.

For starters, the QN900A model features an Infinity Screen Design, making it a nearly bezel-less screen in a sleek and chic form. Apart from the amazing picture quality of the Neo QLED, it also packs in several top-notch, room-filling audio features that make for an unbelievable immersive experience.

Imagine a dynamic sound that constantly tracks motions, transporting you into the scene itself. This is possible with the Object Tracking Sound Pro (OTS Pro) feature, an AI motion tracker. The SpaceFit Sound feature makes every location a sweet spot for acoustics, as the sound sensors at the bottom of the TV calibrate the audio based on how close the TV is to the wall and how the room reflects sound.

Get the complete package with the 2021 Q-Soundbar, which gives you harmonious surround sound from the Neo QLED and Soundbar speakers with Q-Symphony. 

A bonus: the Attachable Slim One Connect box, where you can find all external ports, can be neatly tucked behind the TV stand for a cleaner aesthetic and clutter-free cable management. 

Make working, learning at home interactive

Turn four screens into one with the Multi View. Watch, work, play all on one screen at the same time. Multitasking has never been this easy. You can even change the size of each screen to focus on what you want to see or you can use the picture-in-picture feature.

Make video conferences interactive on the Neo QLED with Google Duo. Simply attach an external webcam to the TV to take calls on a bigger screen. The TV’s exclusive smart camera feature tracks your movement and automatically zooms in and out to provide the best angle. 

Special highlights: sustainability & accessibility features

Looking to the future, Samsung is heavily investing in sustainability, starting with the SolarCell Remote – a cell-powered remote control made in part with recycled plastic that can be recharged through indoor or outdoor lighting or USB. 

In its effort to provide an enjoyable viewing experience for all and that no one is left behind, Samsung also offers accessibility features in the Neo QLED TV with the latest advances in technology and AI.

The Neo QLED TV comes with SeeColors and Color Inversion features to accommodate the needs of those who experience color blindness, as well as Sign Language Zoom, Multi Output Audio, and Slow Button Repeat for those with difficulty of hearing, the deaf, people with low vision, and the blind, enabling them to optimize their viewing to their needs and preferences.

It’s no wonder Samsung won the Best of Innovation Award at CES 2021. The Neo QLED is a whole new level of display that goes beyond the limit of expression. With Samsung TVs, greatness never ends but does evolve with 8K. And based on our experience, the Neo QLED 8K does make everything we imagine possible — and we want it in our homes.

Is it worth the investment? Absolutely! Get one now for your home in any Samsung authorized dealers.

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