Here’s why you shouldn’t use peat as a planting medium

Published June 18, 2021, 12:00 PM

by Patricia Bianca Taculao

Gardeners have a variety of ways to grow their plants. The techniques come from research or personal experience, but the goal of producing healthy plants remains. One common method that gardeners follow to secure their plants’ growth is using different growing mediums such as peat. 

But for those who didn’t know, using peat as a growing media isn’t ideal. This is because peat contains little to no nutrients. And even peat-based mixes still require gardeners to constantly apply fertilizers to keep plants healthy. 

And by using peat as a medium, gardeners are essentially growing hydroponically in an inert substrate, but without any of the benefits. The reason behind this is that peat can repel water quite quickly when it dries out. 

To get better gardening results, use a soil-based growing medium rather than a peat-based one. Try mixing a peat-free, all-purpose compost composed of regular garden soil in equal parts to create a more traditional planting medium that has all the nutrients that plants need to grow. 

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