Netizen's 'Trese' edit features Glaiza de Castro's voice for Alexandra Trese

Published June 16, 2021, 3:27 PM

by John Legaspi

Glaiza de Castro and Alexandra Trese

When you are truly passionate about a thing, you just can’t help but express your love for it—or the lack thereof. That goes the same for the highly-anticipated anime series “Trese.” Over the weekend, Filipino fans celebrated the show’s premiere on Netflix for its superb depiction of Manila and inclusion of Filipino folklore. While there are many things to love about the show, Filipino fans also mentioned some of its aspects that they didn’t like that much.

Viewers are torn between which version to watch—Tagalog, English, or Japanese. Another thing they pointed out is actress Liza Soberano’s portrayal of the show’s lead. Lending her voice for the character Alexandra Trese, the anime is Liza’s first foray into voice acting. Although the young star loved the story and poured her heart into the job, many netizens felt that what she did was lacking, and even raised some names that they think are more suited for the role. One of them is “Liway” actress Glaiza de Castro.

Cosplayer Kuina Hikari posted on her Facebook page a “Trese” edit featuring Glaiza’s voice for Alexandra Trese. The post, which now has more than 6,000 shares, spun a number of comments commending Kuina’s editing and how perfect Glaiza’s fierce voice projection for the role.

“Glaiza has always been the fan-favorite for years! Ang ‘Trese’ ginawa para po sa mga nagbabasa nun, hindi para sa fans ni Liza kaya wag niyo i-invalidate ang feelings ng ‘Trese’ fans (Glaiza has always been the fan-favorite for years! ‘Trese’ is made for the readers, not for Liza’s fans. So don’t invalidate the feelings of ‘Trese’ fans),” she posted. “‘Di po kami bitter, flat and monotonous ang kinalabasan kasi. Nasapawan din siya ng mga kasama niyang VAs (voice actors). Parehas din naman silang magaling na actor! (We are not bitter. It’s just that the performance is flat and monotonous. Her portrayal is overshadowed by the other VAs. But both are good actresses, anyway).”

Listen to Kuina’s edit here and let us know what you think.