Alwyn Uytingco hopes to fix marriage with Jennica Garcia

Published June 16, 2021, 3:34 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Alwyn Uytingco is still hopeful that he and his wife, Jennica Garcia, will be able to sort out their troubles.

He made this clear in a recent post, noting he has been praying for it.

“This is what I will hold onto. What I will be dreaming. What I will expect. That in the future, everything will be back to normal,” said he in Filipino.

Alwyn knows it won’t be easy but he pledged to fulfill the aim.

“I will try because I know, at the end of the bridge, you will be there and our kids warmly welcoming me.”

Recall that only a few days ago, Alwyn reiterated his love for Jennica via another social media post.

Meanwhile, netizens believe that Jennica’s mom Jean Garcia’s recent post is about her child’s marital woes.

Note that Jennica confirmed that she and her husband have called it quits last month.