Four promising players to see action in Quezon City 10-Ball Open

Published June 14, 2021, 4:53 PM

by Manila Bulletin Sports

It has been said that “pool is not dead”. What does this mean to me or to you personally? In fact, it poses a challenge to answer this question essentially not just by mere words but rather in actuality. It therefore leads me to another quest for meaning and contextualized the statement “pool is not dead”; by asking another essential question prior to the statement. Now, the question is what do we do as Filipinos to make the pool or better still the Philippine pool alive and dynamic? If I may rephrase it, what or who makes the Philippine pool alive today? This essential question we must discuss and deepen in this article. We owe Efren “Bata” Reyes, Francisco “Django” Bustamante and other pro-players for continuously contributing to the rich history of Philippine pool and making it alive and dynamic nowadays.

Moreover, the Wilde Blu Junior Team, Makati Pool Players Association (MAPPA), Anitokid of Billiards, Sharks and Team Adurc Billiards continuously cater to the young generations of players in the country. These organizations/teams have been instrumental in promoting the sports in their respective ways. At present, four young players will be competing in the upcoming Quezon City 10-Ball Open which will be held at the Hard times Sports Bar live at Shark’s on June 21 to 27 at exactly 2 p.m. onwards (Philippine Time). The following young players Bernie “Benok” Regalario, Albert James Manas, Earl Trinidad and Jolo Aspuria will play against known pro-players in the country like Francisco Bustamante, Jeffrey de Luna and Johann Chua to name a few. Bernie Regalario, 16- years old, is the captain of  the Wilde Blu Junior Team and a pro sponsored player of Peri Cues. May the upcoming tournament be a learning experience for these young players who are the hope and future of the Philippine pool in their own time. They silently and wishfully look for help and support from us and maybe one way to show our support for them is to give them the chance to join a tournament like Quezon City 10-Ball Open. 

However, aside from the fact that it is a learning experience from Bernie, Albert, Earl and Jolo it is also good to know what awaits them if they make scores to the top. The champion will receive the amount of ₱250,000.00,  second place will receive the amount of ₱100,000.00. The third and fourth place will both receive the amount ₱30,000.00 each. Hence, we must also acknowledge the efforts and sacrifices of the people behind this upcoming Quezon City 10-Ball Open. First is to Mr. Coycoy Orimaco and the Hard Times Sports Bar who head the event together with Shark’s who will cover it live. The Wilde Blu Junior Team, MAPPA, Leslie “Anitokid” Mapugay and Team Adurc Billiards to all of you who continuously promote the sports thank you by organizing such tournaments and opportunities for our young players. In doing so, you keep the Philippine pool alive and dynamic. We continuously hope that many young people will appreciate the uniqueness of pool. As I would always put it: more than a sport, pool is an intellectual game wherein the mind is involved in every motion that happens on the table. (This article was contributed by Ronielito B. Cruda, M.A.)