More revelations behind Derek Ramsey and Ellen Adarna’s relationship

Published June 11, 2021, 2:25 AM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Vicki Belo shares more on her vlog

On the latest vlog of Vicki Belo, she invited Derek Ramsey and Ellen Adarna as her special guests. Introducing the two by describing that Derek is “the happiest that I’ve ever seen him” while she talks about Ellen as her girl crush, “I just love the way you look. Your face is angelic but your body is made for sin.”

Much have been shared about the couple and how they met and fell in love, but Vicki was able to ask a few more questions that show how real and authentic this couple is. For one, the two came dressed in casual clothes—Derek in an all-black shirt-and-shorts ensemble while Ellen was in a baby pink tank top, loose black pants, and flip-flops. Very laid back.

The couple met through Ellen’s co-start John Estrada, who’s good friends with Derek. The first time they met was at a restaurant, and just so happens, Ruffa Gutierrez was also there and hear their voices. She went up to the group, and the evening led to a part two at home since all of them live in the same village, with Ellen and Derek just 10 houses away from each other.

Was it love at first sight? Though Ellen blurted out “Ang gwapo mo” when she stepped out of the restaurant’s toilet and bumped into Derek who just arrived, both said that going into another relationship was the last thing on their minds. “I wasn’t in that mental state to entertain that kind of stuff,” Derek told Vicki. “The last thing I need was another relationship. I have goals for the next two years. This is what I wanted to focus on.”

Derek shared that Ellen was very honest. “She’s not malandi (flirty). She just speaks what’s in her heart.” She just acts the way she acts, nothing pretentious, even in front of Derek’s dad who was at one of the many group dinners they had together. “One point where Ellen was on the floor and my dad asked, ‘Are you done mopping?'” Derek added.

“For all the times that we were hanging out, I want to respect her. I want her to know where this is going. And then, there was this one time, I took her home and that’s when I said, this is the night… at least I’ll get a kiss. and I guess she was thinking the same thing,” says Derek. But that kiss didn’t come out as magical as the couple hoped to be. Ellen admitted that she over thought the whole experience even before it happened, so they ended up bumping their teeth instead of a kiss.

Vicki also revealed that a source told her that Ellen would jog around the village, but would make sure to run faster when passing by Derek’s house. She told Derek, “I just never wanted people to see me in front of my house. OMG! What is this girl doing here? Is she stalking me?”

Another revelation from Vicki was that Derek called Vicki to tell her about Ellen, “This is the girl. I’m really going to propose to.” Vicki asked him how long have they known each other, to which Derek answered, “Three days it will be on month (since then).” There really was an instant connection, Derek said. Vicki added, “You haven’t even kissed and you wanted to propose na.”

“So you knew?” Ellen laughed and blushed. “I didn’t know that we were going to get married. I just wanted to get married. The couple shared that they would talk about it. “About three times,” Ellen added. Derek shares that Ellen was uncomfortable about the idea, “She was going to be a matron” to which Ellen affirmed, “I was traumatized by men.”

For Derek, being 44 years old now and still single, the reason why it took him so long to settle down, “Because my parents have the perfect marriage. I don’t want to make a mistake. It happens too often. People get together. They think they’re in love. They get married, and then what happens, they end up separated.”

“So if it takes me 44 years, at least I know when I make that decision, it’s the right decision,” a decision made with God’s perfect timing for the couple.