Cherry shows how to spoil your pets

Published June 11, 2021, 8:23 AM

by MB Technews

Cherry Pet June

While dog parents are everywhere, there sure are lots of felinophiles too. It’s difficult not to be captivated by the mysteriousness that envelopes these rather aloof creatures, but we sure also cannot help ourselves from drowning with cuteness every time they purr and show their affectionate side.

With that, all our furry friends are just as good extension of a family, and there is no greater joy than showering them with loads of love—one great way to do this is by spoiling them! Here are some things you can do as a fur parent to give your babies a fun-tastic time:

Give some baked delights. Months of staying indoors has undeniably brought out the culinary aptitude of almost everyone. This is now time to wear your apron and whisk away to treat your fur babies to delicious baked goodies because honestly, what can make their tail wag more excitedly than mouthwatering nibbles? Make snack-time more special by giving them something made just for them. You can try peanut butter cookies or the quick and easy sweet potato fries.

Beat the heat with frozen treats. It is no surprise to pet owners that frozen delicacies are especially popular among our canine and feline babies. However, instead of an additional ice cream purchase on your next grocery store visit, you may opt for homemade popsicles to make sure that your pet stays away from harmful ingredients. Some ingredients you can easily find at home and throw in the freezer are the ever popular peanut butter (make sure its Xylitol-free) and mashed banana.

Pamper Away. Just like us, our fur-mily needs to be pampered from time to time. Bring them to your local pet salon and get their fur and nails done. For an extra swoosh to finish off an indulgent day out, you may treat them to a relaxing massage.

Buy a New Toy. Some fur babies enjoy nibbling or scratching the most random stuff at home but this surely shouldn’t stop you from getting them a new toy. Who knows, they may find a new best friend in the form of a dinosaur plushie or never let go of your newly purchased tennis ball.

Introduce Them to Smart Living. As our fur-mily include our valued pets, it is only fair to also let them indulge in smart living. With the Cherry Pet Smart Pet Feeder, schedule the meal time of your dogs and felines. This is perfect for busy furents as you can conveniently look after your babies regardless of your schedule. You can also see them and talk to them with this device’s two-way audio control asa well as photo and video capture. Meanwhile, the Cherry Pet Smart Pet Fountain has a three-stage filtration system to ensure that your furball only drinks potable water, especially after chowing. This can be controlled remotely using a smartphone and also features a timer for scheduled function.

Give your pets the best treatment and make sure to grab the Cherry Pet Smart Pet Feeder and Cherry Pet Smart Pet Fountain for P4,400 each.