Beko ProSmart Inverter, your next refrigerator

Published June 11, 2021, 3:06 PM

by Art Samaniego

I got a new refrigerator, and I’m so happy with it that I could just easily give it a 5/5 star rating. But, afraid of being biased in my review, I decided to ask my niece Reeanne De Rama to check it.

Here’s what she has to say about the Beko ProSmart Inverter Refrigerator:

The Beko-nvenient Fridge

by Reeanne de Rama

Summertime is almost over, but the heat released by the sun makes me crave a fantastic bottle of my favorite juice, a cup of ice cream, or just a glass of water filled with ice. I got up from my bed and went out of my room to go to the kitchen. I am standing in front of our tall refrigerator. As I opened it, I am still clueless about what I should get because of the many stocks that make it so hard to choose.

The refrigerator shelves are built up of high-durability safety glass with a clear view of the inside

Beko is UK’s best-selling large home appliance brand that distributes over 2.9 million products every year. It is also a global domestic brand active in more than 140 countries. Beko ProSmart Inverter Refrigerator is one of their latest releases at an affordable price that causes most people’s attention. In addition, it has a lot of unique features that make this refrigerator one of the best to put on a list when deciding to get a new one.

The Beko refrigerator is an “easy to set up” fridge. The ProSmart Inverter is five times quieter than standard and usual refrigerator compressors. It also provides faster cooling while using less electricity. In addition, it adjusts to temperature changes faster, keeps food fresher for an extended period, and lowers electricity bills all at once.

The refrigerator shelves were built up of high-durability safety glass with a clear view of the inside. The frames are easy to slide and lift even when full to the brim. The Beko ProSmart Inverter also has vast storage space for fresh and frozen food and anything users want to stock inside the refrigerator. In addition, it has a Convertible Chiller compartment, the coldest place in the fridge. Here, you can store up your daily products, meat, fish, and poultry under ideal storage conditions.

A crisper drawer is a sealed-off area that could set the humidity higher or lower to maintain the freshness of vegetables longer.

Another fantastic feature of the Beko refrigerator is the HarvestFresh technology. The fruits and vegetables are assured of preserving their vitamin content for a longer time because of the blue, green, red lights, and dark cycles, mimicking the natural daylight condition. As a result, you’ll never have to worry about your fresh goods going stale again. In addition, HarvestFresh technology ensures you have all the healthy ingredients you need whenever you need them.

The blue, green, red lights, and dark cycles, mimicks the natural daylight condition.

Active Fresh Blue Light comes together with the HarvestFresh. Fresh food loses vitamins when it sits in the fridge for an extended period. Fruit and vegetables exposed to Active Fresh Blue Light could continue photosynthesizing. Active Fresh Blue Light conserves vitamin C levels, natural flavors, and nutrients, keeping them fresh. That means less shopping for you and more nutritious meals for your family. This is also what I like the best among the other features.

The Beko refrigerator also has a crisper drawer. It’s a sealed-off area that could set the humidity higher or lower than the rest of the unit to make vegetables maintain their freshness longer.

The Beko ProSmart Inverter is affordable, energy-saving, and definitely worth the purchase.

I’m glad we got this refrigerator. I recommend that you install this in your homes too.

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That’s it! The Beko ProSmart Inverter Refrigerator indeed is one of the best available refrigerators in the market today. This is because of the new technology it brings and the looks that would compliment every modern home’s design. I don’t usually review things that I buy. Still, I believe sharing this would help many people who are thinking of getting a new refrigerator.

I agree with Reeanne. I’m glad we got the Beko ProSmart Inverter Refrigerator.