LOOK: Rejuvenating sets are back! Beauty influencers share their reviews

Published June 10, 2021, 4:54 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Working at home doesn’t mean you’re free from stress aggressors. There’s more to be concerned about, juggling more tasks and chores at the same time. Hello Glow must have heard the plea of many, which is why their latest Advanced Rejuvenating set trended online.

But, first, what does rejuvenating mean? Those from the older generation are familiar with this as it comes with a DIY peeling process that exfoliates. Back in the ’90s, it was all the rage but this concept was eventually pushed aside due to its harmful effects with high doses of chemical ingredients have been said to be harmful.

REAL REVIEWS from beauty influencers

The next question is, why is it back? And why are these influencers online trying them out? Hello Glow has taken out the harmful properties, even the peeling process has been excluded from this new formula. So what’s the verdict? Read on to find out what these beauty influencers have to say

Skincare geek
Known for choosing safe skincare products, Jan Angelo Ongiel included this latest set and praised it for its affordable price point. Though the product line is free from “27 known allergens found in fragrance,” he still wishes that it didn’t contain any at all.

Morena power
Beauty gurus are familiar with the “rejuvenating” process, trying them on for the benefit of all their followers. Johnreyslife is one of them, and was pleasantly surprised to find out that the set doesn’t peel and give the skin that “mahapdi” feeling. She also revealed in her vlog, “My overall complexion is so much better, it’s slighly lighter,” even claiming, “probably the first and only rejuvenating set” she will ever use.”

“I hate hate hate rejuvenating sets and what they have done to people, so this one shook me!” She also reminded her followers not to use this set daily to prevent over exfoliating the skin.

Expert skincare advice
Vlogger Jennivie Oliveros makes sure to confirm her skincare reviews and thoughts with the a dermatologist Dr. Mara Evangelista-Huber. This time, they talked about rejuvenating sets and what Dr. Mara thinks about them. The doctor’s only advice? “Do not use rejuvenating sets (lalo na nakikita mo online) with Hydroquinone and Tretinoin in them… and please only buy rejuvenating set that are FDA registered for your own safety.”
As for Jennie? She has been using the set for quite some time, and loves that tis mild and gentle on the skin.

Newbie skincare enthusiast
Though a newcomer in the beauty influencer realm, JB Correa has already amassed quite a number of followers over on TikTok. He still can’t believe how it’s priced so affordable at P360. Ceramides and Hyaluronic Acid, two of the many ingredients he loves, can be found in this set. His verdict? 10/10!


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