TRENDING! Netizens slam Raffy Tulfo relating to viral ‘Jollitowel’ issue

Published June 5, 2021, 2:20 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

The names “Jollibee” and “Tulfo” are currently trending on Twitter. 

Some netizens aren’t happy with the way “Raffy Tulfo in Action” tackled the viral “jollitowel” issue.

According to a netizen, the show gave the impression that the customer who aired the complaint is “no longer after justice, but after money.”

“The second thing was the pic allegedly from McDonald’s, saying that their competitors has ‘thrown in the towel.’ People saw it as a d*ck move. McDonalds PH denied it was from them.”

Meanwhile. some online users described the complainant as “over-reacting.”

“May point naman mg complain but dapat sa store sya nauna mag complain- then Jollibee head office if walang action. Tulfo or social media should be a last resort.”

Then there are those who noted how the country’s judiciary system is seemingly “failing” with people seeing Tulfo as “effective” in fixing their troubles.

A netizen argued, “He is not the law, he just used the gurl to monetize his show.”

Indeed, many believe the show just “sensationalize things” for profit.

“Tulfo is an opportunist. Quite good at it but it speaks a lot about the justice system in our country. Sad.”

A concerned netizen also suggested that people shouldn’t get used to running to Tulfo for everything.

“It’s not right.”

Note that few days later, “Raffy Tulfo in Action” also featured the statement of the popular fastfood company.

For the last months, many celebrities have been asking Tulfo’s help.

Then there are some cases where the table is turned, with some complaining about celebrities.

Raffy also used his show to “prank” YouTubers like Ivana Alawi, Alex Gonzaga, and Zeinab Harake.