School investigating students behind 'disparaging' remarks on Kpop boyband

Published June 5, 2021, 12:21 PM

by Gabriela Baron

The Jose Rizal Memorial University (JRMSU) in Zamboanga del Norte said it is currently investigating students behind the viral “BTS Biot (gay)” photoshoot which drew flak from netizens.

(Photo from Facebook)

The photoshoot, conducted by two of its senior high school students, made the rounds on social media.

(Photo from Facebook)

Several netizens have called out the school “for allowing their students to promote hate and prejudice against other nationalities.”

“The #BTSBiot is a discriminatory and homophobic act against BTS,” one netizen wrote on Twitter.

“Mocking and making fun of BTS, unreasonably hating them is one thing — but to imply as if being gay is an insult is another thing,” another one wrote on Facebook.

JRMSU clarified on Thursday, June 3, that it did not issue any directive to “make personal declarations or statements in their photos.”

“The pictures of two senior high school students holding a whiteboard with disparaging remarks about a boyband circulating in the internet was done upon the personal request of the said students with a photo studio of their own choosing without the knowledge and official sanction of University authorities,” the school said on its official Facebook page.

“University authorities are conducting an investigation concerning the matter for the resolution of the case,” it added.

JRMSU likewise appealed to the public to “refrain from making conclusions and generalizations” while waiting for the result of the investigation.

One of the students involved in the photoshoot has apologized for his “insensitive and ignorant” remark.

The photo studio behind the viral photoshoot has since taken down the photos on Facebook.