Wilbert Ross fights depression, reveals turning pain into pleasure

Published June 4, 2021, 2:58 PM

by Robert Requintina

Wilbert Ross

 Hashtag member Wilbert Ross has opened up about depression as he revealed turning his pain into pleasure.

During an exclusive interview by entertainment journalist Ogie Diaz for his vlog recently, Ross admitted he got depressed because of his career on “It’s Showtime.”

He did not divulge other details related to the noontime program. 

Ross also admitted to Ogie that he turned pain into pleasure by hurting himself when depressed.

Asked about the most serious thing he has done, Ross said: “I hurt myself…cuts. Yung pain nagiging pleasure.” (Pain becomes pleasure)

Ross said that he was clinically diagnosed with severe depression two years ago. He took three kinds of medicine prescribed by the doctor, but he discontinued it on his own. Ross also said that he fights depression by accepting the fact that he is not OK.

At the height of depression, Ross said that he got disappointed when friends gave advice or opinion when he shared his feeling. “I don’t need their advice or opinion. I just want them to listen. The moment they start talking, I am blocked. Depress people need good listeners.”

Ross said that he is okay now as he is set to release a single soon called “Benteng Ukit” which tackles about depression.