Enjoy your Japanese favorites safely via QR ordering service

Published June 4, 2021, 7:34 AM

by MB Technews

As our situation continues to keep everyone in their homes, restaurants have been thinking of new and better ways to serve their products more safely and conveniently to their customers.

Tokyo Tokyo has discovered a safer, easier and more convenient alternative for customers to order and enjoy their favorite Japanese dishes! Tokyo Tokyo’s New QR ordering has made it possible for anyone to scan, order, and enjoy their signature and delicious Tokyo Tokyo meals literally at their fingertips!

Tokyo Tokyo’s new QR ordering

Tokyo Tokyo’s QR Ordering will be available for all their channels, with contactless payment methods available. Scan your nearby store’s QR code and skip the queue for dine-in. You can also order ahead while finishing your errands and easily claim your food for take-out. Or simply scan the QR code on their social media, conveniently order online for delivery and have your favorite dishes delivered to your doorstep.

QR ordering service for online pickup or deliveries
QR ordering service for dine-in or takeout

Enjoy a safer and more convenient ordering experience with Tokyo Tokyo, complete with uniquely designed QR codes featuring signature Tokyo Tokyo Bentos, making you crave for your Japanese favorites even more. With this new QR ordering service, Tokyo Tokyo has pushed forward the Japanese standard of convenient and easy digital food ordering for the present and future with visual style. Scan and order your favorite Japanese dishes now!

You can still order Tokyo Tokyo through these other channels; online delivery (www.tokyotokyodelivery.ph), hotline delivery #TOKYO (#86596), and their delivery partners such as Grabfood and Food Panda