The Medical City Ortigas bags COVID Management Initiative of the Year Award

Published June 3, 2021, 4:09 PM

by MB Lifestyle

For TMC South Luzon, the hospital wins two awards at the Healthcare Asia Awards 2021

The Medical City

2020 was the year of the frontliners. The world witnessed how hospitals grappled with dwindling resources, increasing morbidity and mortality, and a decimated healthcare workforce as the virus continued to spread relentlessly.

As the pandemic reached the Philippines, it was no surprise that premier health institution The Medical City (TMC) too had to confront an overwhelming number of severely ill patients in its Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the spill-over of very sick patients at the ER, and exhaustion of its frontliners.

However, despite these challenges, TMC remained committed to prioritize the safety and welfare of its patients and staff as it implemented multiple strategies to make the hospital a safe place for all.

To communicate this, TMC Ortigas launched “TMC One Complex, Two Hospital Systems” in April 2020 which refers to the hospital’s new normal hospital operation that provides patients with clear-cut processes and division for COVID-19 patients in isolated areas and separate safe access for non-COVID-19 patients who need consults, diagnostic tests, intervention, and management of their diseases. Exclusive pathways were identified from the moment a patient enters the hospital to his or her planned appointment or destination.

TMC also initiated partnerships with local government units, and the Department of Health which covered COVID-19 testing, efficient contact tracing, and management of patients. In March 2020, TMC formed an alliance with the big hospitals in Metro Manila and led a collective appeal to the government to designate a big government hospital as the COVID-19 Hospital so that efforts, manpower and resources could be centralized and better controlled.

The Medical City’s “One Complex, Two Hospital Systems”

The hospital also implemented Teleconsult and Home Care services in case patients cannot leave their homes, as well as Lab on Wheels which provides home-service collection of samples for routine testing at TMC clinical laboratory. Further, its Vaccine on Wheels provides pre-vaccination teleconsultation and home-service administration of flu vaccine.

TMC also launched an Online HMO Concierge that provides personalized medical coordination for patients online and the Medical Concierge, for those visiting the hospital.

In recognition of these initiatives, TMC Ortigas received the COVID Management Initiative of the Year award at the recently concluded Healthcare Asia Pharma Awards 2021. This is the hospital’s fifth award since 2018.

In 2020, TMC Ortigas bagged the coveted Hospital of the Year award and Customer Service Initiative of the Year for its Red Coat Ambassadors Program.

In 2019, lauded for his naturally endowed leadership skills and his ability to foster, encourage, and inspire his medical community, TMC President and CEO Dr. Eugenio Jose F. Ramos took home the CEO of the Year Award.

TMC Ortigas, in 2018, clinched the Marketing Initiative of the Year award for “Sing-A-Lung,” the hospital’s pulmonary test that patients can sing.

Protocols at The Medical City

TMC South Luzon gets double win

TMC South Luzon was also recognized by Healthcare Asia for its pioneering program in remote healthcare in the Philippines and for its employee engagement initiatives.

The hospital received the Service Delivery Innovation Initiative of the Year and the Employee Engagement Initiative of the Year awards during the virtual awarding ceremony held on May 12, 2021.

As the COVID-19 scare and government-imposed lockdowns almost eliminated face-to-face consultations and treatments, TMC South Luzon initiated healthcare delivery innovations to provide patients with options to accessing services and medical expertise.

At the height of the nationwide lockdown period, TMC South Luzon introduced its Virtual Clinic enabling patients to consult through various telehealth platforms, complemented by a Call Center featuring a call concierge and a Telehealth Hub where doctors can have private sessions with their patients.

In addition to virtual consultations, TMC South Luzon also realized the importance of adequately and accurately informing its patients of the facts regarding issues of concern and new developments. Misinformation about the coronavirus shared online fueled a lot of anxiety and fear. Through its Social Media Doctor (SMD), the hospital provided its social media followers with a licensed doctor to respond to medical queries and to refer them to specialty doctors upon request.

TMC South Luzon also launched a Drive-Thru service not only for COVID-19 tests, but also for other services such as laboratory blood works, electrocardiogram (ECG), X-ray, and pediatric vaccinations. The hospital also re-launched its Home Care services for patients who are either reluctant or incapable to go to the hospital for their nursing, physical therapy, nutrition management, and diagnostic needs.

TMC South Luzon’s second award, the Employee Engagement Initiative of the Year, was given in recognition of its efforts in fostering positive changes in the workplace by keeping the employees engaged, if not inspired.

By providing the needed tools and opportunities for development, TMC South Luzon nourishes a culture of engagement as well as an incentivized environment where everyone’s efforts are recognized and valued. Exposed to such a positive workplace condition, employees develop a sense of pride, purpose, and pleasure in what they do. This resulted in an over-all performance at the end of a tumultuous year that exceeded all expectations. TMC South Luzon believes that investing in its people is an investment for success.

The Healthcare Asia Awards is an awards program organized by Healthcare Asia magazine, based in Singapore, to honor health institutions in Asia Pacific Region for their exceptional initiatives and unwavering drive to innovate and grow amidst market challenges.