Pisay student with Teduray indigenous roots gets full scholarship from Yale

Published May 26, 2021, 10:37 PM

by Charissa Luci-Atienza 

A student from the Philippine Science High School – Central Mindanao Campus (PSHS-CMC) with Teduray indigenous roots has received a full scholarship from Yale University, one of the Ivy League universities in the United States.


The PSHS announced Wednesday, May 26, that Nathan Wayne F. Ariston, member of Class 2021 of the PSHS-CMC, has been granted a full scholarship by Yale University.

Aside from Yale University, Ariston also got admission offers from two other universities in the US— Georgia Institute of Technology and University of California – Irvine, and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

“Taking pride in his Teduray indigenous roots, Nathan Wayne F. Ariston shall study in Yale University where he is planning to major in physics. His full-ride scholarship will cover the yearly estimated cost of attendance,” the PSHS said in a Facebook post.

It cited that Ariston, a proud son of a farmer and an elementary school teacher, is “first graduate of PSHS-CMC to be accepted at Yale University.”

“I feel so lucky for being part of the Yale Class of 2025. And it just excites me that I am given the opportunity to explore beyond anywhere I’ve been so far to learn and to contribute to the community there and eventually here as well,” he said.

After graduating from Nuro Central Elementary School in Maguindanao, Ariston decided to study at PSHS-CMC in Baloi, Lanao del Norte.

“Pisay certainly contributed a great deal to my development both in intellect and in character, and I shall not graduate without having to thank Pisay and the people who supported me,” he said.

“I am prouder of where I came from than my academic achievements. I am proud of my ethnic identity.”

Ariston said after his scholarship stint at Yale, he will go back and help ease the plight of people in Mindanao through science and technology.

“The best way that I could give back to our country is through offering my soon-to-be expertise in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) that I could acquire through this education grant to serve in whatever way I can the people immediately around, specifically in Maguindanao and the other Muslim Mindanao areas,” he said.

Ariston bagged the silver medal in the International Earth Science Olympiad organized in Daegu, South Korea and the bronze medal in the 2020 International Chemistry Olympiad organized in Istanbul, Turkey.

For those Filipino students who are struggling due to the challenges posed by remote or online learning, the PSHS-CMC graduate-scholar has a message.

“The most important value that every Filipino learner should embody, to me at least, is the unceasing drive to learn and to remain curious and to discover new ideas and principles,” Ariston said.

“This applies whether classes are online or whatever. After all, learning is the goal, and it is conveniently the most fulfilling one. Of course, some may be disadvantaged due to the lack of resources, time, or money, but it is through these challenges that we realize the helpful spirit of Filipinos,” he added.