Fan of Benedetta or Jawhead? Here's the MPL-PH Season 7 Heroes Stats from favored to most banned

Published May 23, 2021, 7:17 PM

by Jeremiah Sevilla

Photos from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang/Moonton

The Regular Season hostilities of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines Season 7 witnessed the greatness of 10 competing teams when it comes to hero versatility.

Seventy heroes including the off-meta ones in a professional setting such as Fanny, Leomord, Vale, Lylia, X.Borg and even Aldous saw action at least once throughout the 169 games in 65 series.

Aldous even tallied a 100 percent win rate in the three games that he was used by Blacklist International jungler Danerie James “Wise” Del Rosario.

But who are the ones that really stood out throughout the seven weeks of Regular Season and ahead of the much-awaited Playoffs?

Highest win rate (picked 30 or more times)


Barats, utilized in the EXP lane and eventually turned into a pseudo tank in the later stages of a game, emerged as the winningest hero with an eye-popping 75 percent win rate in 36 games.

Behind Barats is another tank in Khufra which boasts of a 64.29 percent win rate in 28 games followed by Benedetta with 62.65 percent in 83 games and Harith with the same percentage in 56 games.

Composing the top 10 are Popol and Kupa (61.36% in 44 games), Yve (61.11% in 36), Jawhead (60% in 30), Yi Sun-shin (57.14% in 35), Kagura (55.1% in 49) and Selena (54.55% in 33).

Most picked


Benedetta not only enjoyed a high win rate but she also came out as league favorite, getting picked 83 times across the seven-week group stage.

She also had the highest appearance (picked or banned) at 157 out of 169 games or 92% of the Regular Season.

Granger, who found himself back in the current meta, came in next as he was picked 74 times with a decent 52.7 percent win rate followed by Alice (70 times, 51.43% win rate), Lunox (62, 50%) and Chou (62, 45.16%) who was often used as a tank.

Most banned


As expected, Jawhead was feared the most by the teams as he got banned 123 times and most of the time right in the first banning phase.

Also having a target on their backs are utility and mage-support heroes Mathilda (108 times banned), Diggie (108), Selena (105) and Yve (86).

Selena even had a quite late season debut, getting freed up only in the third week as she was picked up by Execration against rival Nexplay Esports but fell to a defeat.

Bonus stat


Popular jungle/core hero Roger only had five wins in 22 games that he was picked, resulting in a disappointing 22.73 percent win rate. Maybe he’s not really that strong even with a red/orange buff.