Danica Sotto on Dina Bonnevie: ‘She’s not a perfect mom’

Published May 22, 2021, 3:39 PM

by Neil Ramos

Danica Sotto recently opened up on her relationship with her mother, Dina Bonnevie, growing up.

In an Instagram post, Danica made clear her admiration for Dina whom she described as “strong, smart and beautiful…”

That said, she admitted to them having a lot of misunderstandings when she was just a teen.

“Because I didn’t like her rules and didn’t understand her way of discipline,” she related.

According to Danica, her mother was “too strict.”

“Feeling ko she was too strict. Sabi ko, old school na yan. Little did I know that her pieces of advice would one day be my guide. I’m thankful because she has taught us how to be strong.”

Danica went on, “Of course she’s not a perfect Mom, she also has her shortcomings but she did her best in raising us.

She has since been applying what she learned from her mom on her own journey as a parent.

“When I feel challenged sa parenting, sa business at iba pa, I can actually hear her voice in my head… pinapalakas ang loob ko. I’m happy that I’m able to apply everything that she has taught me.”

At the end of her post, Danica shared her realizations.

“Yung disiplina ng isang iba or magulang ay para sa ating mga anak yun. We may not understand at first but it will all make sense when we get older. More so when you become a parent. You’ll know how much they sacrificed because they love you.”