LOOK: You can now pre-order Toni Gonzaga’s dinnerware collection

Published May 19, 2021, 12:49 AM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Here’s what we know so far

It seems Toni Gonzaga is on a roll. With the success of her Toni Talks You Tube channel, it seems Toni Gonzaga still found time to prepare a special collection of dinnerware under the Everyday label.

In her Instagram post, she shared that the dinnerware sets are now available for pre-orders and will be on sale on May 21.

Going to the Everyday Instagram account, Everyday Living is about “building on the idea that less is much more.” Their goal is to redefine the way we live and interact with our space, “homeware designed with intention and curated for everyday living.”

Available in six colors—butter, ice, slate, espresso, blueberry, and olive. “Crafted in a spread of earthy tones, clean lines and the perfect matte finish” and “inspired by naturally occuring colors that surrounds us. Curated colorscape that allows you to mix and match. You can’t even get it wrong.”

Each set comes with five pieces: dinner plate, serving bowl, bowl, mug, and dessert plate that are meant to be mixed and matched with each other. The finished is matte and each piece is handmade. It’s also dishwasher and microwave-safe as well.

And if you’re wondering what Toni’s favorites are? It’s olive and butter.

Priced at P1,795 per set, one can still avail of discounts of four percent off when purchasing four sets or more with their discount code BUY4DINNERWARE and six percent off for six sets and up with BUY6DINNERWARE.