Your own ‘bubble’

Published May 18, 2021, 12:31 AM

by Jullie Y. Daza


Jullie Y. Daza

Time to build your own bubble, whether you live in NCR-plus or not.

Your bubble will keep you safe with your mask and face shield on. Imagine yourself at home or out of the house moving about, sheltered in a transparent dome, through which you see the world but which the coronavirus cannot penetrate. Be strict(er) with yourself, act like you’re conscious of danger from airborne particles, not just droplets shooting out of someone’s mouth when they sneeze, cough, talk, sing, or chew something crunchy.

A bubble works like a car. It contains you, windows and doors shut. As summer sizzles, take your car out for a spin before sunset and count how many fire trees are in bloom along your route. If the aircon is working, your car is the coolest place to be. Like your car, your bubble keeps you locked in, private and alone, safe.

Flying to and around the US? Know that passengers are required to keep their masks on for the duration of the trip. Violators are fined $35,000. Cheaper to obey, stay put in your seat within your bubble for 12 hours.

On the ground, what your DIY bubble cannot tell you is the type of Q you are under. Are you like Harry Roque who has invented a new category, “Modified Executive Community Quarantine” (May 14, explaining GCQ “with heightened restrictions”).

Sonny Trillanes forgot to remove his bubble and reach out to ask VP Robredo personally, directly if she was abandoning her presidential ambitions. For that mistake, he reaped a heap of denials from her spokesman: “VP is still very much in the running”; “not true that she transferred her voter registration so she can run for governor”; etc.

PNP Chief General Eleazar scored a bull’s-eye when he lectured, “The virus does not differentiate between ECQ, MECQ, MGCQ and what-not. It only knows it can attack anyone, and when that happens, yari kayo (you’re a goner).” The General spent Sunday inspecting police stations in Bulacan and Quezon City for cleanliness. Cleanliness, always and anywhere a healthy sign, next to godliness. He didn’t have his cap on, but it was easy to see how his bubble kept him busy and safe, inspired to lead by example.