Marjorie Barretto reacts to Dennis Padilla’s statement on failed marriage

Published May 17, 2021, 1:17 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Marjorie Barretto

Marjorie Barretto admitted that she’s “happy” seeing her children and former husband Dennis Padilla reconnect again.

In fact, she shared her two cents about the conversation that Julia, their eldest, had with him recently.

There, Dennis acknowledged his shortcomings on failed romance.

“First, I’m happy that they’re in that kind of relationship already,” said Marjorie on Toni Gonzaga’s “Toni Talks.”

According to her, for a time, people misjudged her thinking it was her who is encouraging their kids – Julia, Claudia, and Leon, not to have a good relationship with their father.

“As a matter of fact, even Dennis thought for a long time that I was the one preventing him from seeing my kids,” she related.

“No,” Marjorie said, as she pointed out that more than anything else, she wants their children to have “peace” with both parents as she doesn’t want the kids to harbor hatred or unforgiveness in their hearts.

“Kasi mabigat yun. Lalo na yung magulang mo kaaway mo. (I know it is heavy baggage, especially if you’re not on good terms with your parents.)”

The former actress-turned-online content creator admitted that she never thought that the day of their reconciliation would come after being separated for more than 14 years.

“I never thought that day would come. That he would say may kasalanan din siya sa break up namin, sa breakdown ng marriage (That he would admit his mistakes about the breakdown of our marriage),” she said.

Marjorie said that for the longest time, she wondered what went wrong with their relationship because she knew when she was with him for such a long time, she was a good wife.

“I know I was there in more downs than ups. I know that I forgave him over and over and over again. So I was wondering why he didn’t remember me as a good wife or why wasn’t he spending that much time with his kids.”

But that’s all in the past, she said.

Marjorie said she Dennis to continue his new journey as a “less angry person” so that he could enjoy the remaining years of his life now.