Journey to the outdoors with Nikulas Lebajo’s ‘Milieu’

Published May 17, 2021, 2:35 PM

by John Legaspi

Rediscover the beauty of nature through his art

Nikulas Lebajo

As Aristotle once said, “art takes nature as its model.” Who wouldn’t agree with that? Nature provides many inspirations with its colors and wonders. It possesses beauty even in its most unlikely behavior, from volcanic eruptions and high waves to its decomposition. In nature, there is no such thing as fleeting beauty, just magical transformation, making it the ultimate muse for art.

That is what artist Nikulas Lebajo wants to emulate in his works—the timeless charm of nature. In his 21st solo exhibit, presented by Nuzen Art Gallery in Tagaytay City, the artist aims to evoke a hopeful tomorrow after being cooped up during COVID-19 quarantine at home for many months. Each of his paintings is dedicated to helping us not forget what being with nature feels like.

Dubbed as “Milieu,” the exhibit features refreshing elements used by the artist for his new creations. With a well thought off color combination and definite rendering of brush strokes for a fluid finish, Nikulas is able to capture the many faces of nature through oriental translucent florals, geometric patterns, and a herd of bright-hued butterflies, among others, in his canvas. His inspiration emanates from the surroundings he sees mostly in Tagaytay, Laguna, Cavite, and Batangas.


Red Flowers, 4×3 ft, oil on canvas

Kimono mountain,4x3ft,oilon canvas

Butterfly train, 4x3ft, oil on canvas

“His new creations totally depart from his traditional built-in and repetitive figures that he has been known for,” the gallery says. “Nature as a subject matter is closer to his heart as he is a staunch environmentalist and supports the preservation of our natural environment.”

Seamless blossom, 4x3ft, oil on canvas

Cherry Blossom on Mount Batulao, 4×3 ft, oil on canvas

Blue Clouds, 4×3 ft, oil on canvas

“Nature has its own way of healing us,” it continues. “By merely looking at the artist’s body of works, we feel that we are experiencing an extraordinary form of healing.”

“Milieu” will run until May 29, 2021.