10 reasons Motolite is the recommended battery

Published May 17, 2021, 1:00 PM

by Inigo Roces

Surveys consistently show that Motolite, the automotive battery market leader, is still highly recommended by experts and experienced motorists — those most familiar with Philippine conditions like weather and road quality. Not that there has been no competition. Foreign brands have entered the market offering their premium batteries at low prices to get a foothold among consumers.

Yet Motolite has proven it is Pangmatagalan not just in the product itself, but also in the services that it offers to Filipino motorists. Here are 10 reasons why Motolite continues to be the recommended and best battery in the market.

1. Made for the Philippines

Motolite knows the peculiarities of the market and they produce their products accordingly, fitting Filipino needs and conditions. Many competing brands are produced abroad, designed to meet a variety of conditions a variety of countries. Adjusting to meet so many markets may also affect the consistency and quality of the product.

2. Tropicalized

Motolite batteries are specifically designed for tropical use so they can withstand high temperatures under the hood. In the Philippines, temperatures regularly rise above 40 degrees Celsius, punishing batteries with both the heat generated by the engine and the climate, especially during the summer. If not designed properly, the life span of a battery will be considerably shortened by this heat. The heat can speed up the evaporation of electrolytes, exposing the plates inside and damaging them. Heat-related tests showed that Motolite batteries have 40 percent more lifecycles compared to other batteries in the market.

3. Designed tough

The vibration standard set by Australia for automotive batteries is considered the most stringent globally, taking into consideration the many rough roads in its outback. Using this Australian model for the vibration test, it was proven that Motolite batteries have 50% more recharge and discharge cycles than those of competing brands.

4. Smart construction

Motolite batteries have a well-thought-out internal design. Designed and manufactured using German technology, its plates are inter-connected using specially-made straps. It also has a built-in cooling mechanism that prevents the evaporation of electrolytes.

5. Ensuring quality

Motolite manufactures its own acid for its electrolytes to ensure purity. Battery acid impurities can include iron, chromium, and manganese, among others. These impurities promote gassing, thus, increasing the water-loss rate and making the plates more vulnerable to damage caused by heat. Higher water loss also causes internal short circuits that could even cause the battery to explode.

6. Recycling

Even old Motolite batteries are cared for. In partnership with its accredited third-party recycler Evergreen Environmental Resources Inc., ABS-CBN Foundation, and Philippine Business for Social Progress, Motolite collects and recycles some 3 million used batteries annually.

7. Res-Q App

Motolite makes it easy to handle battery or any related automotive problem. If you need help with a dead battery, overheating, flat tires, and emergency fuel, just use the Motolite RES-Q App and a technician will be dispatched to your location to attend to your needs. This service is free for Motolite users.

8. Motolite Express Hatid

Motolite brings the battery to you. Ready to receive your call 24/7 are well-trained customer service representatives manning the hotlines of Motolite Express Hatid. Just dial (028) 3706686, 09188436686, and 09178916686, and your order for Motolite batteries or requests for assistance will be attended to. Like the RES-Q App, if you need assistance for flat tires, overheating, emergency fuel, and battery replacement, just call Motolite.

9. Made by Filipinos

Motolite also gives Filipinos jobs. Motolite recognizes Filipino talent and is a top employer, be it at its Bulacan plant or its numerous outlets nationwide. Help protect the livelihood of Filipinos by buying the locally made brand.

10. Reliable reputation

Whether in-warranty or already months beyond the warranty’s expiry, Motolite batteries give you confidence that when you turn the ignition key, the engine will start. Other brands may offer a long warranty but they also have a very high return rate. With Motolite, there’s its reputation for longevity coupled with its convenient and quick services.