How the police solved the murder of two minors in Bulacan

Published May 16, 2021, 11:58 AM

by Aaron Recuenco 

At around noontime on May 12, residents of Barangay Graceville in San Jose Del Monte City in Bulacan were horrified after discovering the cadavers of two children, aged 11 and 8.

Based on initial assessment of the police, there were indications that the 11-year old female victim was sexually abused. Both of them appeared to have been repeatedly hit by blunt objects in the head.

Residents told the local police that the private lot were the cadavers were found was he favorite playground of the two victims along with their friends. It later turned as the site of their gruesome death.

When the police responded, they later found a wooden stick and a rock which they believed to be the ones used in killing the victims. They also found two strands of pubic hair which only reinforced the initial assessment that the female victim was sexually abused.

But as police investigators were scouring the crime scene for more clues, they noticed a piece of rubber string and banana fruits near the area where the cadavers of the victims were found.

As police investigators were wrapping up the processing of the crime scene, one of them noticed several pieces of rubber strings in one of the houses in the area. They were similar to a piece of rubber string that was found near the cadaver of one of the victims.

“Immediately, profiling was conducted on the occupants of the house where rubber string was observed scattered. One of the occupants was found to be making broom and the similar string is used to tie brooms. Also found were banana fruits at the said house,” said Philippine National Police chief Gen. Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar, quoting the report from the San Jose Del Monte City Police Station.

Person of Interest

Based on the result of the profiling conducted, a man named Romeo Ruzon lives in that house. What drew the suspicion of the police was that he was nowhere to be found.

As the police start to map out operation to locate Ruzon on May 14, his brother appeared to the police station and squealed the area where the suspects could be hiding.

Ruzon was later tracked down in Sampaloc, Manila. He was taken into custody at around 9:30 p.m. of the same day.

Ruzon later admitted to the crime and pointed his 16-year old step son as the other culprit.

Based on the result of the autopsy, the female victim was indeed sexually abused.

Quick Solution

Eleazar lauded the local police for its quick action to solve the case.

He personally went to the wake of the two victims to provide assistance and also told the victims’ parents of the development of the case.


“Matibay ang mga leads at ebidensiya na hawak ng mga imbestigador natin na posibleng mag turo sa salarin. Hindi titigil ang PNP hangga’t hindi nakakamit ang hustisya sa kasong ito (The leads and pieces of evidence are strong. We assured the family that we will not top until they get justice),” Eleazar said.

New Standard

Eleazar pointed out that the immediate solution of the case should serve as the new standard in handling the complaints and in handling investigation of cases.

“It is through our quick response that we will be able to further regain the trust and confidence of the people,” he said.