Arabella del Rosario hints boyfriend Jimuel Pacquiao doesn't want her to join pageants

Arabella del Rosario

Star Magic artist Arabella del Rosario has the makings of a beauty queen, but it seems like she was not keen to become one.

During a virtual press conference for Orabella last Saturday, Del Rosario said that several camps have invited her to join national beauty pageants.

"May mga lumapit na sa mom ko, asking kung interesado raw ba ako sumali sa beauty pageants. But I think pageant is not for me," said Arabella. (Some people have approached my mom asking if I would be interested to join beauty pageants).

Asked if her boyfriend Jimuel Pacquiao was stopping her from pageants, Arabella answered with a smile. Arabella described her relationship with Jimuel as healthy.

“Kami kasi ni Jimuel, we’re very close. We started off as friends tapos we’re very communicative with one another. He always reassures naman, and he doesn’t give me any reason to doubt anything. So hindi naman ganun kahirap yung relationship namin. We’re very healthy overall,” she said. (Jimuel and I are very close. We're very communicative with each other. Our relationship is not difficult).

Arabella also said that her boyfriend encouraged her to believe in her product endorsements.

“Very supportive boyfriend naman siya sa akin.Sabi niya you should believe in what you endorse. Siyempre kailangan mo i-try and you have to really believe and walk the talk talaga kasi if you don’t really believe in the product, it really does show. So kailangan talaga naniniwala ka sa product hindi lang basta basta," she added. (He's very supportive. He encouraged to use the products I endorse. You need to believe in the product you endorse).

Arabella said she wanted to work with her boyfriend for a future project, although there are no offers now for them to work together.