Korean rapper B.I teams up with Destiny Rogers, Tyla Yaweh in ‘Got It Like That’


Korean rapper B.I, formerly of K-pop boy band iKON, has teamed up with Destiny Rogers and Tyla Yaweh for the new single “Got It Like That,” which has been released on May 14. 

“Got It Like That” was produced by Grammy winner The Stereotypes, which has produced songs for Bruno Mars, Cardi B and Justin Bieber: “This song is about feeling comfortable and cool with yourself before worrying about what anyone else will think. We want you to feel good about feeling yourself no matter what you have or don’t have. This is a carefree sound for everyone to move to.”

B.I launched his solo career in 2020 and established his own label 131Label with top professionals.

Destiny Rogers’ single “Tomboy” rose in popularity after K-pop group BLACKPINK’s Lisa performed the song in the mini-film “Lili’s Movie” that was uploaded on YouTube on Feb. 12. After “Got It Like That,” B.I will release his first studio album on June 1. 

B.I currently has 66 songs listed under his name with the Korea Music Copyright Association like songs for iKON including “Love Scenario” and “Goodbye Road.” 

Earlier this month, international relief organization World Vision announced that B.I donated the sales of his album “Midnight Blue.” B.I committed to donate the copyright fees, music and album sales and content revenue to World Vision. 

At a ceremony at the World Vision headquarters on May 4, B.I. made the donation to the organization. 

“I hope that the donation will be spent for children who are living worse than adults in  vulnerable environments,” he said. 

World Vision said the donation will be used for relief projects for children in crisis in Korea and abroad. 

Last December, B.I and IOK Co. donated 200 million won ($177,500) worth of goods including 200,000 face masks to World Vision.