Is Catriona Gray ready to be a mommy?

Published May 15, 2021, 4:06 PM

by Neil Ramos

The 2018 Miss Universe titleholder shared that some of her co-beauty queens are now mothers.

When asked by actor Edward Barber in a recent interview if she is now also thinking of becoming one as well, she said, “For me, personally, I’m not yet ready to take that step because I’m not yet married. But it is something in my mind.”

If she has been thinking a lot about it of late it is because of her dad.

She related, “My dad is an older dad, like my dad is currently 76. He had me at age 48. There comes a pressure also as a child with an older parent, like, ‘Are they gonna be around to see me at my wedding? Are they gonna meet their grandparents?’”

Then again, she also worries as to how it would affect her career, if ever.

Apparently, she’s been told countless times her brand would nosedive if and when she marries and become a mother.

“The amount of societal pressure that comes with it, especially in the Philippines…I can’t count the amount of times that I’ve been told by the other people in the industry, ‘Don’t get married. Don’t have kids yet, unless you wanna completely ruin or change your brand. Your career is gonna change drastically.’ So now, it’s dealing with, ‘Okay, I’m 27. My mum was my age when she had me.’ And I was told that that’s late…”

What if she foregoes one for the other?

Catriona thinks it is sexist and unfair.

“It’s like we praise women when they’re career-driven, but then there’s also people who are like, ‘Oh, you do not have time for your family.’ And then you see women who are all about their family and they say like, ‘O, sayang you gave up your career.’ I feel like us women get that all the time.”

Obviously, Catriona is torn about it.

Will actor-singer boyfriend Sam Milby help her decide?