Obsessed with bacon? Here are new delicious treats made with your favorite breakfast staple

Published May 14, 2021, 3:08 PM

by John Legaspi

‘Let there be bacon!’

There is no such thing as too much bacon

Breakfast is full of simple joys and delights. You get your wake up boost from humble meals such as scramble eggs and pandesal with coffee. A touch of sweetness is brought by pancakes and cereals. The highlight, crispy bacon strips that can instantly lift your mood. As American chef Anne Burrell said, “bacon always makes it better,” and it sure does. If you’re among the many people that wish to eat bacon all day long, then we’ve got special treats for you.

Lead by friends, entrepreneurs, and self-professed bacon fanatics Rachel Carrasco and Kelly Parreño, food brand Baken is bringing more ways to enjoy the cured meat. After three years getting greasy in the kitchen, the pair have come up with four deliciously quirky products: Real Bacon Crisps, Bacon Cookies, Bacon Brittle, and Bacon Jam.

Baken snack line

Smoky and salty with a crispness that pushes the very limits of self-control, the Real Bacon Crisps are the OG product Carrasco and Parreño first envisioned on their quest for snack supremacy. These are not bacon-flavored chips, but ready-to-eat, real bacon strips that promise a burst of flavor and satisfying crunch. While you’ll probably want to heartily consume them as is, they can also be enjoyed as a topping over dishes, in sandwiches and salads, and even desserts.

The Bacon Cookies combine bacon bits with the sweetness of chocolate chips, and are baked together into soft and chewy cookies. Bacon Brittle is an incredibly crunchy marriage of sweet and salty, where bacon bits are nestled in creamy and buttery caramel brittle. Finally, there is Bacon Jam, a sweet and savory creation with a kick of zest that will surely enliven any condiment cabinet. Like the Real Bacon Crisps, all of these use 100 percent real bacon and no artificial substitutes.

Baken is launching soon in select markets in Asia Pacific, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan and Australia. You can sign up on www.shopbaken.com to be among the first to know! Or, follow @shopbaken on Instagram and Facebook for exciting news and offers.