LOOK: Rabiya Mateo's national costume is inspired by the Philippine flag

Published May 14, 2021, 2:12 PM

by John Legaspi

It weighs more than 21 kilos!

Rabiya Mateo in her national costume

Philippine bet Rabiya Mateo struts Miss Universe 2020 national costume parade wearing Rocky Gathercole’s design.

A far jump from the usual Maria Clara looks and Mindanaoan style garb, Rabiya dons a costume inspired by the Philippine flag and Miss Universe Philippines’ logo and it is heavy.

“There were more accessories to the costume but the wings were 21kilos already,” Miss Universe Philippines creative director Jonas Gaffud posted.

According to the show’s presenter, the blue represents royalty, red symbolizes the courage and strength of an independent woman, while the color yellow stands for hope and freedom.

Rabiya has not worn the piece designed by Manny Halasan. Based on the design, the headpiece looks like a constellation of stars. “I always believe in perfect timing. If it is not yet for you, let time and experience make you better and excellent,” Manny posted. “There is a time for everything.”

We wish we could have seen her with the headpiece. But with or without it, Rabiya truly made us proud today!