Home elevator, why not?

Published May 14, 2021, 10:07 AM

by Art Samaniego

Lift, commonly known as an elevator to Filipinos, is an essential platform to carry passengers from one level to another. Filipino families are looking for ways to age in place. Many senior citizens and persons with disability family members have difficulties moving from one floor to the other. A home lift solution can help maintain comfort and mobility for older family members and all.

HD Homelift Solutions Corporation, a partner of Sweden-based company, Aritco, could provide customized lifts from a factory in Sweden to fit in homes in the Philippines in terms of comfort, functionality, and design. HD Homelift could install the customized lift to new and existing buildings to make every corner of the home accessible to all family members.

Suppose you think about how you should stay in your home when you have trouble walking the stairs. Or if your day is full of activities with kids, strollers, and shopping bags that need to be carried up and down the stairs. Or if you are looking for more comfort and convenience. The home lift would be an excellent addition to your house.

In the Philippines, HD Homelift Solutions offers the following customizable products to fit in the home.

Aritco HomeLift comes with luxury design features like the DesignWall, a backlit wall with selected art from prominent Scandinavian designers, and DesignLight with state-of-the-art lighting, which you can control via the SmartLift app. The lift is operated via a unique solution; a steering wheel called the SmartControl. To meet all situations in a home, the HomeLift is equipped with a SmartSafety system with safety features.

The DesignWall

Aritco Homelift

You can control the lighting via the SmartLift app

Aritco HomeLift Access is designed to give access to all parts of the house for all. Practical and smart with sizes for all needs. With an option to personalize with details such as glass walls, a range of various colors, and different materials. When it comes to design and the possibility to personalize the lift, users can choose from more than 200 different colors, two different glass types, and eight different floors. The lift is efficient, intelligent and gives access to the house for everyone.

The Aritco Homelift Access

Aritco 4000 is the smallest and most compact lift. The lift was designed to meet all requirements for comfort, space, and design. The lift is available in different sizes, with an option to personalize it with details such as glass walls, a range of varied colors, and different materials.

The Aritco 400 is the smallest and most compact lift in the series.