Leveling up your cold storage and cooking solutions

Published May 12, 2021, 1:11 PM

by Philip Cu Unjieng

Focus Global has made it its mission to bring the most reputable and distinguished global home solutions brands to the Philippines – and for these brands to be represented in a professional and dependable manner.

Back in 2000, two brands made their entry to the Philippines through Focus Global. These were Sub-Zero and Wolf, and it was a given fact that for a number of well-appointed homes, and in particular, kitchens, a new standard was created. This was for discriminating home owners who want to level up and never look back. 

Aware that the ongoing pandemic has made movement and mobility problematic, Focus Global recently organized a virtual launch for these two brands just to update the public about their new offerings. Visits to the Greenbelt Residences showrooms can still be scheduled. It is by appointment only and that all necessary safety protocols are observed. There’s also a virtual tour of the Sub-Zero and Wolf showrooms that can be accessed online. More than a purchase, the acquisition of these brands for your home and kitchen is an investment.

With the ongoing pandemic, Focus Global recently organized a virtual launch for these two brands to update the public about new offerings. The launch was led by Focus Global’s Stephen and Loli Sy.

With Sub-Zero, you’re not just talking about a refrigerator or a freezer, but a food preservation system that recognizes the variations of cold. Sub-Zero guards freshness by addressing the three pillars of food preservation: Temperature control, proper humidity, and purified air. 

For fresh foods, you need chilly, humid air; while frozen foods need frigid, dry air. Dual refrigeration in your Sub-Zero creates special sealed systems for the refrigerator and the freezer. Meanwhile, the NASA-developed technology provides an air purification system that scrubs the air of ethylene gas, a natural compound that fresh foods emit, which causes spoilage. Every 20 minutes, this system kicks in flushing out odor-causing bacteria, mold, and virus. 

Sub-Zero even offers wine storage systems that control temperature, light, humidity, and vibration – factors that all adversely affect the flavor of the quality wine you collect. It’s a specialty component of what Sub-Zero offers, and for the local wine connoisseur, it has been a true godsend given the fact that we are a tropical country. Let’s face it, room temperature here doesn’t mean the same thing as room temperature in France or other wine-producing countries. 

When it comes to installation and optimal positioning, there are unique solutions with Sub-Zero. Their integrated units have no visible hinges or grills, making them practically “disappear” as another cabinet or drawer. When you need extra space for drinks and snacks, the home refrigeration system can convert into integrated under counters – and this is great not only in the kitchen but in your home office or backyard.

On the other hand, Wolf is your cooking equipment built to do the job, and it really lasts. Made from solid steel with rugged knobs and heavy-duty burners, it is super-sensitive to make cooking easier and more enjoyable. The settings, the precise temperature control, and the added features are all about being your best friend when it comes to cooking. Wolf has a provenance of over 70 years, satisfying the demands of professional chefs throughout its history. 

With Wolf, you have cooking ranges, built-in ovens, cooktops, and rangetops. The Wolf Ventilation system is one to consider, as it’s well-thought and designed for practical use. The brand also has microwaves, coffee systems, outdoor grills, warming drawers, and vacuum seal drawers. It’s about embracing every home-cooked meal, and giving that added confidence to the one creating the meal. 

For Focus Global’s Stephen and Loli Sy, their journey of retail excellence may have hit something of a speed bump because of the COVID pandemic. The considerable investment required to purchase many of the brands they represent would normally necessitate a physical visit to their showrooms. But thanks to the decades of goodwill and trust they’ve earned as their efforts to keep things accessible and virtual were rewarded. True quality and high standards found ways to speak for themselves.