Ben&Ben to drop new song ‘Magpahinga’ for victims of COVID-19

Published May 12, 2021, 10:10 PM

by Robert Requintina


Ben&Ben has announced that they will release a new song for victims of COVID-19.

Called “Magpahinga,” the song is dedicated to people who are battling the invisible “enemy.”

Pao Benjamin of Ben&Ben said that the song was conceived after his sister got the disease.


His full post:

“The new song we’re releasing, ‘Magpahinga,’ was written when our sister got COVID-19 more than a month ago. it was one of the toughest times for our family. In the middle of these dark days, in the middle of these battles we silently fight, may we remember that it’s okay to rest. 

“Thankfully our sister recovered, but there are so many out there who aren’t as fortunate, and many likewise are enduring the heaviest of days right now. This song is for all of you. magpahinga ka muna. – pao.”

the new song we're releasing, "magpahinga", was written when our sister got COVID-19 more than a month ago. it was one…

Posted by Ben&Ben on Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Earlier, the group released “Upuan” as their first single for 2021. Fans said on the comment section of Facebook that they are excited about the release of their second song for 2021.

“Can’t wait the new song because its familiar. Two new songs for Ben&Ben this 2021”
“I feel all of you, I sympathize with you my family members are COVID-19 SURVIVORS and I thank God for that.”

“One of the reasons why i am in loved with your songs… there is always a deep meaning behind it. Thank u.”

“Loved the song teaser. Spoke volumes about the physical and mental exhaustion that everyone’s been going through for the past year. I hope there will be a full unplugged version and the full band version.”

“Both parents back in June 2020 contracted the virus. 800k yung bill namin. both my parents survived which is so awesome. Life still continues naman. i think the hardest is blaming kung sinong lumabas at nakuha yung virus or what. But a move on is a move on so yeah. Stay safe everyone.”