TRENDING! Moira Dela Torre ridiculed for pandemic performance

Published May 11, 2021, 5:53 PM

by Neil Ramos

Moira Dela Torre is currently trending on TikTok.

No, it wasn’t because she posted a video of her dancing to “Renegade.”

A video of her performing “Tagpuan” using a huge barrier or shield as propped on a roller made it to the site.

Not that it’s wrong, of course.

Note that under the new normal, singers performing live in front of an audience more often than not use such a device to protect themselves and fans from possible COVID-19 infection.

But obviously, many on TikTok aren’t used to seeing such, going on to ridicule Moira for it.

One said, ‘Di ko kinaya yun face shield! Anlaki!”

A netizen pointed out, “Hind yan face shield, wind shield lol!!”

Another said, “Yang yung tinatawag na GIANT FACE SHIELD!!!”

A fan retorted, “Hindi mali ka diyan. Yang ang face shield pro max!”

It didn’t end there.

There were some who deemed it more disturbing that Moira, at one point, made do without it, approaching a fan.

Worse, she actually let him sing part of “Tagpuan” using her mic.

Some of the comments:

“Why is nobody here talking about her using that huge shield yet lending her mic to a fan?”

“May pa giant faceshield pa tapos iaabot lang din yung mic edi wala rin HAHAHAHA…”

“Naku, Wag niyo ito pakita sa IATF! Baka hulihin ang mga yan!!”

“Common sense left the building…”

“Gano ba kalaki ang bills ni Moira at napilitan syang gawin to?”  

The video is a huge hit, earning more than 1.5 million views as of this writing.


Gusto ko lang mag bakasyon itong si @moiradelatorre bigla bigla nalang mag abot ng mic! Akala siguro uurungan sya ni Ate Chona!Comment kayo for PART 2

♬ original sound – Ate Chona – Ate Chona

Meanwhile, in an update, the person responsible for the video said all those who attended the event underwent testing and that they practiced social distancing.


Reply to @jlsamaniegodecast STORY BEHIND MOIRA’S FACESHIELD PART 1. #AttitudeWithAHeart #AteChona

♬ original sound – Ate Chona – Ate Chona