12-year-old boy builds ventilator for COVID patients using Lego blocks

Published May 11, 2021, 1:06 PM

by Jaleen Ramos

A 12-year-old boy from Winnetka, Illinois has created a ventilator out of Lego blocks.


Anthony Hartman created his ventilator made of Lego, naming it the EVentilator2020, in March last year, according to a report from ABC7 News.

The boy said he has been building things with Lego ever since he could remember.

The seventh grader used up his free time during the worst time of the pandemic to think of solutions to help those in need, the report added.

He decided to build a ventilator from the Lego kit when he heard there was a lack of a ventilator for those in critical condition due to COVID-19.

It took Hartman several weeks until he finished his first build.

“I saw a bunch of universities making respirator units that were cheaper and more affordable. I wanted to make my own version with a twist, which was the Lego piece,” Hartman said in the ABC7 News report.

“He’s always been creative, he’s always been thinking outside the box,” added Hartman’s mom Yuki.

Hartman recently entered his creation into the Kids Think Tank contest but did not win the competition. He, however, still earned praises for his idea.

In hopes of making his idea available to medical professionals in rural areas, Hartman said he will be submitting his EVentilator2020 to LEGO.