Derek Ramsay vows to keep mum on anything related to Andrea Torres

Published May 7, 2021, 12:39 PM

by Neil Ramos

After Andrea Torres made clear that she doesn’t like it that Derek Ramsay has been continuously discussing their break up in interviews, the actor himself has come out to declare his aim to veer away from the same.

No, it’s not because he finally realized how hurtful it is for Andrea.

He just doesn’t want the issue to cloud his current relationship with Ellen Adarna.

He told Kapuso Showbiz News, “Gusto ko nang matahimik na lang eh. Kasi I’m in a relationship now, I’m getting married…”

“So I just want that all over and done with. I wake up every morning to all this stuff, ‘di ba, about ‘that.’ And I guess I want to put it to rest para matapos na,” he added.

But why talk about it in the first place?

Well, apparently, he thought it necessary for his and his family’s sake.

Derek explained, “A lot of lies and a lot of hurtful things have been said about me, about my family… I was just being very honest to Nanay Cristy who I trust naman very much. That’s why I answered her question…”

Note that in the interview Derek admitted to dumping Andrea over the phone, a revelation that triggered huge backlash with fans ganging up on the actor.