When something is so good it makes you think of a loved one

Published May 6, 2021, 2:55 PM

by Sandy Daza

And why I need an excuse to go driving around until 11:30 every morning

Fish and Chips

Any chance I get to drive around, I grab. On weekends, my kids go to visit their mother and many times sleep over, which means I’m alone at home eager to find something to deliver or drive to. Being a Grab driver might even work for me. So many Sundays, when traffic is minimal, I drive to either Banawe, Binondo, or wherever I can find good food. I follow all safety protocols suggested by DoT. Like most, I am also praning. And one of the reasons I go out is to stay away from eating until 11:30 a.m. I’ve been trying to do intermittent fasting for the longest time. I try not to eat between 7:30 p.m. and 11:30 a.m. Hirap!

One time my son Franco asked me to drive him to Lipa for his taping. He plays a tiny role in the most popular teleserye today. I was happy that he asked. You see, whenever I have to do a chore that requires a long drive, my immediate focus is where I can do a side trip for good food right after my work. That’s my incentive in doing what to many could be an unpleasant chore.

Crispy Fish Sandwich

On the way there, Franco and I stopped at one of the gas stations and he had Deli France while I had my usual burger at Burger King. Lately, I’ve been having the vegetarian whopper at Burger King. I always ask for extra veggies. I have this at least three times a week. To me, it is the best-tasting plant-based burger. I’ve tried a lot. It’s healthy and delicious! A must try! As soon as we got to the drop off point, the one handling the PCR tests forgot something so we had to wait much longer. That made both of us hungry again. I didn’t mind. I was eyeing this gasoline stop that has a lot of dining places.

On the way back, I stopped at that gas station and looked around at what called out to me. Brothers Burger!

The BOSS burger

I ordered an ordinary and basic burger and a fish filet sandwich. It has a lot of items on the menu. I was trying not to be takaw-mata. I love the simplicity of a burger without mustard or catsup. This was thick beef patty with just onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and a soft, delicious bun. I loved it! I asked about the fish burger and was told they use cobbler. I also loved the fish burger with its delicious, moist, and soft bun with tomatoes and lettuce and some sauce tartare. Yummy! If this was good, I have no doubt the fish and chips will also be delicious. Other items I was eyeing were their Buffalo Chicken Wings, Chicken Zumo and Crispy Fried Chicken sandwich. I will also go back for the BOSS Burger. From the menu alone, you can tell whoever makes this menu loves to eat. Chef Quito Jose is a foodie at heart and you can see this in his creations of the Brothers Burger menu. I will be back. I’ll go straight for the BOSS burger!

The box of the ube pandesal the author brought home (or at least half of it)

Last week, I was in Jalajala, Rizal and friends John and Tessa Sy brought a box of ube pandesal or ube ensaymada. OMG! You know how when you taste something good, you immediately think of a loved one? Well, my first bite made me think of my youngest Danielle. She loves ube pandesal. It was so good I wanted to have more. I just had to take a photo and, as soon as I got to Manila, I ordered a box. A continuous nod of approval is what I got from my baby. The bun is soft, has a filling of ube halaya, with salty cheese in between. It is topped with salted butter and shaved queso de bola. Grabe, ang sarap! I have this in my fridge. This is a must try! (0977 8499614)

Having all this food in my fridge is the reason I have to drive around and stay away from this temptation until 11:30 a.m. when I can indulge, so every day, I can go on searching and keep you updated!

Happy eating!

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