Morado remains committed to play for national team

Published May 2, 2021, 4:25 PM

by Kristel Satumbaga-Villar

Veteran setter Jia Morado remains committed to play for flag and country despite missing last week’s tryouts at the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority due to health concerns brought by the pandemic.

In a statement released on her social media, Morado has asked for understanding that her failure to take part in the proceedings “does not reflect any disinterest or lack of commitment to join the national team.”

“As I have willingly committed myself and served the team these past few years, I am willing to do so again should the opportunity present itself and the circumstances be better,” Morado wrote.

The former Ateneo standout said she understood the urgency of the Philippine National Volleyball Federation (PNVF) to start the preparations for the 31st Southeast Asian Games set late this year and explained her reasons for begging off the one-day tryouts.

Morado said in the health protocols sent to them, they were advised to quarantine for 14 days before the event. But she was only able to receive this information with 11 days left, thus making it feel unsafe to join.

She was also apprehensive of traveling to Mall of Asia, where the swab tests were done, and Subic, then back home again at the risk of infections, and expressed these concerns and sentiments along with other players through the association’s Athletes Commission in order to be brought up to the federation.

“I deeply respect my teammates who decided to still attend the tryouts, though they may also have the same worries about the pandemic. From my own point of view, however, and after careful discussion with family and doctors of high risk members within my circle, I opted not to take the same risk in the Subic bubble,” Morado wrote.

The tryouts were only held for one day, with players coming and going to the venue on the same day.

Only 16 out of 40 invited female players attended the tryouts held last Wednesday, although 31 of 40 male athletes participated in the same one-day setting Thursday.

PNVF President Tats Suzara said those who did not attend will not be included in the national team selection, but national team commission co-chairman Tony Liao said the decision will still be tackled by the executive board.