Former Bacolod councilor cleared of ties to illegal drugs trade

Published May 2, 2021, 8:37 PM

by Glazyl Masculino

BACOLOD CITY — Former Councilor Ricardo “Cano” Tan here thanked President Duterte for ordering a validation and re-validation of  reports linking him to the illegal drugs trade. 

CLEARED — Former Bacolod Councilor Ricardo ‘Cano’ Tan speaks in a press briefing at their family-owned Campuestohan Highland Resort in Talisay City, Negros Occidental Sunday, two years after he kept distance from the public eye. (Photo by Glazyl Masculino/ MANILA BULLETIN)

Tan, in a press briefing Sunday at their family-owned Campuestohan Highland Resort in Talisay City, Negros Occidental  two years after he kept distance from the public eye,  said that his wife and son met Duterte during a visit here but did not disclose when.

 The President afterwards ordered law enforcement agencies to validate and re-validate all the accusations against him, Tan said.

After a long process, Tan said that the Police Regional Office 6 in Iloilo City issued a clearance clearing him of involvement in the illegal drugs trade.

Tan cited a clearance issued by former PRO 6 director Police Brig. Gen. Rene Pamuspusan dated Aug. 20, 2020 stating that the information allegedly linking him and the family in the illegal drug trade has not been substantiated by concrete evidence.

Tan sent a letter dated Aug. 6, 2020 to PRO 6 requesting  a clearance and or certification clearing his name and that of his family from any links or participation to alleged illegal drug trade activities. 

The issue linking Tan into the illegal drug trade stemmed from reports circulating through text messages that there was a drug raid in his resort in August 2016, an allegation which he had already denied.

Because of such allegations, Tan even acquired certifications from various law enforcement agencies clearing him of involvement in any illegal drug activity and stating that he has no criminal record.

In December 2018, Tan, along with his wife, survived an ambush perpetrated by unidentified men while they were on their way home from the resort. 

The following year, the issue on the illegal drug links snowballed after he was mentioned by Duterte during his visit here in January 2019, identifying him as a high-value target ranked fourth in the watchlist.

However, with the recent development, Tan said that he is now clear from any derogatory records. 

“This is official, this is final. My name is clean from all the accusations, and I thank the President, government agencies concerned that helped me to come up with the truth.”

Tan said that he is not a drug lord and never had been one and the success that his family is having right now is from the fruits of his labor. 

Meanwhile, he said he has no plans of running for any position in the May 2022 elections. 

He, however, said that he will continue to be a public servant by helping the city in any way he can.