PBB housemates Amanda Zamora and Chico Alicaya on their #ChiManda friendship

Published April 23, 2021, 9:00 AM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

In an exclusive interview with 19-year-old Amanda Zamora and 27-year-old Chico Alicaya, one can see how the two share a lot of things in common. For starters, both of them have been dreaming of entering the Pinoy Big Brother house to become one of the housemates. Amanda, being the obedient daughter, only tried her luck when she turned 17 years old as per her parents’ request, while Chico focused on his football scholarship and only found the time to audition after.

Out of all the seasons that the two decided to try out, they both got in this recent one. Chico got in earlier than Amanda, so the “newbie” housemate had to put extra effort and make friends inside the house. As fate would have it, Chico was one of them. “We got along during my first week,” says Amanda who added that their friendship grew because they got to be team leaders together for a project. “Our bond became stronger when we got evicted together with Ralph (Malibunas),” adds Chico.

What happened in the house might not be the same once they get out, so Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Online asked them how life was like post-eviction. “We were still living together in another part of the house, and we would rehearse for the big night, eat lots of food, bond over music with Ralph and talk,” reveals Amanda. “Tumatawa kami (We were laughing). We were talking about social media, milk tea, and McDonald’s. Mostly food. About fandoms and what happened after. Na-shock kami na may ChiManda,” says Chico.

Now that they’re out, what are their plans? All of the former housemates have been busy building up their own social media accounts and engaging with their fans, but what’s different with this pair is that they are working together—listening to the call of their #ChiManda fans. “We are working together in the best way we can so that we will be able to reach our personal dreams,” answers Amanda who admitted that it’s been hard with the different quarantine rules. “For now, virtually lang talaga (only) and chats,” adds Chico.

Aside from their duo, they also have to work on their own individual social media accounts. Overwhelmed with all the love they have been receiving from their fans, Chico says, “It changed everything for me. So many opportunities. Nag open the doors. It’s just amazing. It’s so new to me and I’m not really into social media, and now, I have to learn it.”

As for Amanda, she got out of the house with fans waiting for her. These are new to this student-model, but she affirms, “I have been given a bigger platform and I should try my best to use it to influence people in a good way.” Chico, on the other hand, plans to use his voice for the better, “No negativity. All positivity. Motivating people and inspiring people.”